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How to Find Love in Sobriety!

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We all know that love is a sensitive issue. Especially for me, the owner of Substance For You. I come from a troubled love past I won't talk about, because of one thing:

-I put my faith in the right site, fell in love to a sober woman, and got married!

We are now going on one year married in December and I owe it all to a fabulous site, with great credibility to boot. Yes, she's on a marriage visa. No! It's not 90-day bride either! Lol, you're funny...

So if our love goes to show that one thing holds true, it's that with the right help you can come from any past, to live in any present time sober and ready for a future with love! I did, and am trying to inspire the masses to do it too. How you ask? Well, my great friend and partial partner in, well, not crime (Mike), has a love bound network that is going viral!


Read this about his viral sobriety dating site:

"Single and Sober Launches Nationwide Membership Website

Single and Sober, LLC are proud to announce the launch of their nationwide membership website,, and newly offered services in Canada and Australia. Now, singles all over the country dating in sobriety can be matched with other singles who share the same lifestyle values as them.

But why did Mike do it? Why start a sober dating site...

Dating in sobriety is tough. Many first dates involve alcohol – whether it’s dinner and drinks or a group of friends heading out to the bar for the evening, dating for people who don’t drink can be challenging to say the least. Single and Sober is now making it easier for sober singles to meet and build meaningful relationships by expanding its services nationwide, and to Canada and Australia as well.

First launched in Chicago by Mike Reed, Single and Sober became so popular that they are now expanding across the U.S., and even to other countries! Single and Sober is an online sobriety and dating community that makes it easier for those in recovery to mingle.

Members of Single and Sober can rest assured that when they create a profile, the pressure of how to include their own sobriety or when to disclose it is immediately alleviated.

“Mike has done a great job conceptualizing, developing, and launching Single & Sober. A quick study, Mike is well on his way growing a strong community and brand focused on a unique lifestyle niche,” notes Dave Evans, an Online Dating Industry Consulting Expert.

But I'm sure you want to know more about the site, right?

As a trusted sober dating website, Single and Sober will do their best to provide a safe, fun, and engaging experience for all members. The initial signup process is easy and only takes a couple minutes. Creating a profile is free but membership fees will apply if users would like to send or receive e-mails. Affordable 3 months and 6 month memberships are available now on the website.

Register now to begin a healthy lifestyle with a compatible single. For some tips on how to write a good online dating profile, head over to this post on the Single and Sober blog.

Once the profile is created, the new member can search and communicate with other members in their area who are also looking to lead a healthy sober life.

We would love if you shared your success story with us when you find that special someone!  For any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out by contacting us!

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Mike Reed"

Now if you still don't believe me, as I am a living testimonial that not only dating sites work, here's your kicker...

International dating sites like Single and Sober are the way to go! If you thought I met my wife on some rinky-dink small time set up site, then you're mistaken. I met her on a site similar to Mike's; only if his were set up at the time!

My wife is 100% Filipina, she is here on a marriage visa and we fell in love over an online dating website. And the best part is, we are both sober! Trust me… give it a shot! ;) 

Look at the loving proof below! It works if you work it, but you gotta work it every day sober! —>

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