How to Re-Write the Stars with Sweet Serenity! –
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How to Re-Write the Stars with Sweet Serenity!

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Don’t ever think that you're not loved.

If something’s amiss it may not always be your fault!

I’ve taken vows for a reason and attempts at purifying my soul don’t come cheap. And please note that sometimes things may be out of our control and most times if they are we cannot notice it because of much larger forces at work.

If an energy comes across in any way other than you’d like to receive it know that it is because my love for you is only growing, consistently upgrading, and change is NEVER easy. Now realize that the struggle is worth the stardom and in my eyes you’re the most notable celebrity I could ever adore and not need to mention for publicity or measure.

What we have is pure and insurmountable to any scrutiny or decisions from outside forces.

So, I need not to provide names. And you may not always know that I’m there. But our hearts are intertwined for a cosmic soar and beautiful romance no matter the qualm, quarrel or situation to a bond that will never be broken.

While for the most permanent of records. I promised you that we’d #RewriteTheStars in order to soar to #Heaven within our infinite bliss called holy matrimony.

You not only deserve all of me but I will forever cherish all of you and only #striveforgreatness in no due fashion and abide by no process other than the beat of our hearts and the synchrony of our #love.

Because #ThisIsMe and that’s how we create #ThisIsUs by giving all of me, to have all of you; my forever Sweet Sweet Serenity.

With all of the promises for #BetterDays -SFY

Have a fantastically fun loving life. And never let a single celebration make it joyous.

For advocating life we are all one within and without, and every moment with breath, flow, and movement is a cause for rejoice and a note to continuing pushing for more of the ways we find happiness.

You are brave, you are strong. You are who you’re meant to be. This is WE! #unite 💋💋 #substanceforyou


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