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Ignorance is So Dangerous!

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Sickness shouldn't be viewed as a weakness! Just because you can't see it doesn't mean that I'm not hurting just as much, if not more, than anyone out there is! That type of ignorance is so dangerous.

Unfortunately, there is so much more ignorance I begin to feel ignorant for not recognizing it sooner! And this is my view point. I'll start the conversation. It's your job to continue the conversation...

If you don't continue the conversation. If you bat a blind eye. That's just ignorant!

For instance,

It's not cool to listen to Linkin Park and say, "Isn't that the guy who killed himself?" because he wasn't just "that guy!" There are many of "those guys." And that type of thinking is just freaking dangerous!

We don't idolize a culture for suicide. We don't feed off pain. We don't show pictures that glamorize suffering. And people like Logan Paul can go shove it!

It's just dumb to tell someone to "BUCK UP!" when they're crying. That shit is so dangerous. Someone told me that once and I covered it up with drugs.

You could lead to their eventual overdose because you didn't offer a healthier eye and ear to cope with! Don't you want to know why instead of reading the reason on the 6 o'clock news? That shit is so ignorant!

It's really not freaking cool at all to walk pass a homeless person and think that you're better in any way! You may be homeless some day... I know that I was!

Hell... Many of them fought for our country. And that type of ignorant behavior is just dangerous. Stop it! We lose too many lives to war, we don't need to lose more to someone who isn't willing to understand and embrace a struggle just because we are seen as DIFFERENT!

It's so fucking stupid to target children! They're born ignorant until you condition and teach them otherwise! It's definitely not cool to make comedy movies about pot or glamorizing any other type of drugs or mental illness in any public eye.

Your target audience is children, and your game is to make money off of blindness. That's dangerous and you ask why people are dying from overdoses when I grew up watching Jared Leto getting his arm amputated in Requiem for a Dream!

Making it look cool to steal, gamble, bargain, or even sell yourself is just fucking dumb. But I'll tell you that it's ignorant too!

People who actually go through this struggle will then look at themselves in the mirror and think, "Piece of shit!" I know I did! And why? Because of your ignorance and green greed!

So ignorant...

Should I go on? Or would you rather me say this,

WHO says that approximately one million people commit suicide each year worldwide!

We are losing someone every 40 SECONDS!

And 3,000 families are torn apart every single day! Because when someone commits suicide they don't lose the ability to hurt, they just pass that hurt onto their families! 

When someone commits suicide they give away the chance to feel at all, anymore, ever again!

Plain and simple, they give away the chance to ever get better! Because you told them that it wouldn't. When in most instances the moment passes, things normalize, and we can and will find a sense of worth, belonging, and meaning to someone, something, somehow somewhere.

Especially ourselves...

And to anyone who misleads you otherwise is well, just ignorant.


If you don't understand me, why don't you try to get to know me?

Instead of feeling bad and apologizing "afterwards," why don't you learn and choose words carefully?

Why do you repeatedly say "I'm SO Sorry!" If you're not going to change anything that you're doing? That's the most ignorant part of it all!

When we lose someone we don't just take our own life. We take the life of a son, a brother, a mother, a father, a child, grandchild, a friend... SOMEONE THAT DESERVES TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE LOVED!

Be empathetic when you don't even need to be! We don't need sympathy because there's too much pity with ignorance...

Love one another!

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION!Because if you DON'T continue this conversation, then that shit is just SO IGNORANT! 

It doesn't matter if it, or you, change the world. What matters is if this changed your world.

And as a part of becoming who we are is awakening our soul to a connection much greater than ourselves.

All in all...

Please! Don't turn your head or bat a blind eye. Just fucking help, whatever it takes.


Inspiration for article and photo cred. goes to Mike Perez, Vocalist of No Bragging Rights, Advocate, and Great Friend!


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