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Libby: Recovery From New Zealand!

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Libby, from New Zealand and 17-hours forward from myself, gives testimony to why you can't run from addiction or alcoholism. In fact, it will chase you wherever you go and find a way to use whatever new environment you are in to worsen itself upon your spiritual principles; until an eventual awakening happens.

And even as we are half way around the World from each other, there are so many points in her sharing her full-length story--never before heard in full--that I wanted to jump in and just take over to continue on with because there were so many similarities! As we may not have been in that same place at that same time, in all reality, with the way that we struggled (as well as overcame), we were in that "same place, at the same time" through the principles of universal struggle, pain, and deserved redemption!

So please watch Libby explain her struggles to redemption as she travels the World literally and metaphorically through pain, struggle, and finding peace of mind to not only come home to New Zealand but find a home within recovery there as well. Proving pain is universal, as well as, everyone needs recovery no matter where in the world you are. #RecoveryIsPossible



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