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Rapping for Recovery: "Love Addiction is my Affliction" [2 Original Songs Included]

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[Continue to full length intro here and full length song below this one]

So, I know this may not be your thing
But experience is what got me through
and maybe with a little bit of a chance
It'll help you too
So here we go
This is my intro on love addiction

What started my demise, and was my worst enemy in my addiction battle.

Is now what I cherish most in this World.

So, I'm gonna hold no bars on telling you all this...

She's my serenity and helps my recovery. And has never given up, after loving the best and worst part of me!

Never hold back!

Recovery is possible and it awaits when you're ready to surrender

So here's a little bit of what I call my life, all lack luster truth...

But, nonetheless. It's proof!

We do recover. 

So that's word enough to hear my message. When that's all we have is our experience to guide us through!

So, I say Amen! 

Amen, in our recovery.

Amen for the truth!

Never forget that it does get better,

Just surrender and remit our sins...

One day at a time #ODAAT

We can all get through this 

But shit... 

That's just the introduction.

So, get ready for the truth about my prior love addictions.

And what sent me down the path of drugs, abuse, and degrading ways,

Into what I call a new found freedom

In recovery's righteous, safe, pathway!

One simple day
At a time.



Love addiction is like any other affliction [Full Song]


I lived in a world
Surrounding myself with love addiction,
While she was off and
Getting knocked up,
While I was 17, in rehab, and using drugs to cover it up!
But now I’m married
To a woman from a completely different world!
2 years into it.
With love, empathy and gratitude that the other WHATEVER would’ve never been able to honor
Cuz, my wife's helped me through times in recovery
When no one could stand to even look at me!
And I’m finally coming up on seven years
Clean and sober,
So, I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late to leave 
And put those silly games behind you
It’s never too late to repent our sins
And find that deep gratitude inside of you
It’s never too late to reach out for help
And find glory
Because when you need it,
Snap your fingers, get on your knees, and surrender by saying, "I'm sorry."
Because this 21st Century's love story
Filled with sweet serenity, recovery
And the movement is growing
So, say it with me…
“It’s never too late for recovery”
And heck one last word,
Whom I kidding?
Recovery is a family disease
So, Thank God, my sweetie, wife
For loving me through the good,
The bad
And overall just helping me survive!

One day at a time yall!
That's something I can promise
As long as you work towards betterment
A push with your soul,
The recovery will to survive!
You can do it!
love love  Rapping for Recovery:

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