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Recovery Donation Pt. 2 [Video]

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For the month of October we have Miriam who has become our primary donor in Newtown, Pennsylvania! 

She is the owner of DoingDrugs.Sucks and has been working really closely with us here at SFY on getting her message her and trying to spread youth prevention with her youth approved prevention book, "I Love My Brother."

Miriam comes from the realm of recovery that we believe effects many, many, many people because it's not just the addicted or those in the feat of addictions. Rather, she lost her brother to an overdose of heroin and is combating the opioid crisis by advocating on family recovery through all of her accounts include FaceBook, and her rapidly growing and popular Twitter and Instagram's (all found by clicking the links).

This month, October 2017, she took a bundle of fully funded and free tee shirts to those receiving at a local homeless shelter! And the results were astonishing. She had messaged me and then proceeded to call with a smile and sense of joy you could just sense over the phone and more!

She told me that the CHOC Pennsylvania homeless shelter 'patients' absolutely "ate up the tee shirts!" And as she will be continue to donating throughout the month, she is taking the anti-stigma tees to her meeting with her hometown District Attorney, Heroin Task Force and presentation of youth prevention book to the local schools!

What a way to give to those who truly need the tees for raising awareness, ending the stigma, and reinforcing youth prevention, Miriam! Keep it up! I'm so proud of you.

See the full video of her experience below too that can be found on our YouTube channel <---- or click over "HERE" to donate recovery tees to those in need too! 


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