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Sleep & Help? Strange Concept but Here's My Thoughts!

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What helps with sleep?

#Obviously not how bright your #phone or computer is right now!

Suggestions are encouraged in the comment box below!

Here are some ways that I'm accomplishing better sleep habits:

1) #mentalhealth #wellness that encompasses a full body approach!

2) #meditation in many different forms!

3) #mindfulness and asking appropriate health-related questions.

4) unplugging appropriately! Like reading my wife a book before bed.

5) exercising during the day

6) working with wonderful self-care and management teams

7) being transparent with the loved ones in my life!

And most importantly!

8) knowing my cut off times between daytime activities and much needed nighttime activities and/or appropriate rest. #amen

There are more! But these some major highlights from my life I am proud of, just for today!

What are some of the ways that you are accomplishing similar self-care and #empowerment tasks?

I incorporate a lot of methods including #faith and #spirituality. But I realize that staying humble and using appropriate determination is a very eye-opening approach I've changed this year compared to the many before. #hope is our #SubstanceForYou! hugs 🙏

Please remember what works for me may not work for everyone. Take everything with a grain of salt and ask a professional before making any big or small lifestyle change.

Remember to set up your support system and know that honesty can go to great use in all aspects of health and lifestyle betterment.

For a free consultation with our #friends at please call (888) 699-1409 🙏  #sponsored

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