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Something Beautiful...

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Life's gonna kick you in the teeth, push you around, and push the breath right out of you. I've been fu*$#ed up and screwed over so many times, but time and time again, I found myself to come out a terrible situation bigger, better, and tougher than ever before. It was something to learn from. And in recovery there’s never losing, only learning. Heck, life too!

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Life's treated me like a boxer, or maybe an MMA fighter, standing in the ring facing a heavy wait knockout artist. I get pushed up against the ropes and beaten in the gut to the point of where I want to throw up. The urge is almost too hard to deny! My face has been bruised beyond recognition, and my body changes throughout the match known as life… but I know that the change I'm going through is worth it. More than you’ll ever know until you experience it in full, too. Eventually I’ll emerge from the pain and suffering that life gives me like a butterfly flying from its cocoon. It’s not easy, but I can feel myself growing even as I write this!

There's been so many times that I wanted to give up, too. I wanted to let the clock ding 10 and put me down for the count for good, but, I look at the referee and say, “I got more in me!” I wasn't done and I wasn't willing to give it up! Coach knew it, and I still know it every time I get pushed to the floor spitting blood. This fight won’t kill me; I won’t let it! Why? Because there's so many people in my corner rooting for me to fight back that I know this is only the beginning of something beautiful. So I got up, got to my feet, and got to work... 

The tough times in life where designed specifically, and especially, to build me, and you, for a better life! It’s a reason for a better recovery and a better love. Kind of like that time that I met a girl 8,000 miles away in the Philippines…

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I was young and fresh in sobriety but the world had something beautiful in store for us. The only thing was that, that beautiful didn't come without a price. I'm not talking money but I'm talking effort, hard work and, dedication...and a lit bit of money LOL! And for a spoiler alert, damn was she worth it! Everyone has their sweet Serenity and she’s got me like whoa!

There will always be times that God’s testing you in recovery, but before I met this girl I was a broken man. I knew she couldn't fix me but together we could do way more than that, so if there's anything worth fighting for this was the chance to prove my life right here and right now. I'm not saying that it was easy to go through a visa process, long distance relationship, and treacherous flights and backlash from the government! But, it sure as hell was worth it… If I would have given up and settled for mediocre I wouldn’t have anywhere near what I can called the most divine life one could live in recovery. It’s a blessing and the promises do come true!

We passed the visa and have been married one year on Sunday. One week after that I will six years in sobriety while being able to celebrate Christmas with my loving family, along in 6 weeks in our brand new home. Not to mention, four weeks with our brand new puppy and healthy cat with a life that anyone would dream for. Heck I’m happy I have a backyard, get to shovel my own snow in below freezing weather, and fall asleep in a recliner for no reason at all! And this right here came from getting knocked down, having a why to fight, and getting up with reason to live again…

So the moral of story being, anything in life worth having is worth fighting for. If I would've given up into an easy push over way of looking at things, I’d of fallen trap to defeat and the depravity my past life in addiction gave me each and every single second. I'd be losing out of all the experiences that made me into a strong, natural, and beautifully recovering family man I am today.

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So for anyone there struggles out there just know that one more push, one more punch, and one more awesome day clean could lead you to the brink of something beautiful! So as one of my favorite movies quotes go,

"Never give up; Never surrender"

-Tim Allen (Galaxy Quest) 

Amen, Happy Anniversary my sweet mahal ko (Filipino for my love), and Happy Holidays my friends. Recovery truly is always possible! It’s never too late…

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