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Confessions — Negative

Wet Universities & Dry Students; "Sober as Deviant"

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Wet Universities & Dry Students; "Sober as Deviant"

As many young adults prepare to go away to college and embrace the festivities of their life, some choose to stay sober.  A majority of college/University campuses have acclimated to the saga of binge drinking, promiscuous sex, and blackouts.   According to the article “Sober as Deviant: The Stigma of Sobriety and How Some College Students ‘Stay Dry’ on a ‘Wet’ Campus (Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 2013)” by Nancy J Herman-Kinney and David A. Kinney it's expressed in the abstract there are certain types of labels and stigmatizations that come with ‘sober as deviant.’  Kinney and Kinney go on to state...

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