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What does it feel like to "Manifest?"

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What does manifesting feel like in the mind, body, and SOUL?
Guest Story By: Rachel Joy, Lifestyle Designer via TheRachelJoy.com

"Over the past 6 months, I have become a manifesting machine. In some ways I've been manifesting my entire life, without even knowing it. Like attracts like: when we think of a person, place, or thing, with a deep knowing and wanting, we often come to have that desire in our life. A simple example can be the time you were thinking of an old friend, and then days later you bump into them in a mall. We are all divinely connected, even when we don’t think we are.

In January I set out on a deep manifesting path. I had invested in a super high level coach, to further my success, spending multiple 5 figures, when I only had $2000 dollars to my name. I was a health coach, with no clients, no emergency exit job, and now I'm investing insane amounts of money to reallllly make it happen… some call it absurd. I call it empowering!

Fear stepped in...Will this really change my life? What if it doesn’t work? I don’t have the money for it. I want to, but I can't afford it right now.

Yet I knew so deeply in my heart that this was the right choice. I had a mission to serve, and I clearly had some work to do, because whatever I was doing wasn’t working. So I took a leap of faith, and jumped. When I was signing my contract, my coach told me that the transformation is in the YES. The minute you say yes, everything starts coming together. I didn’t quite understand at the time, but I had enough faith in her own success to trust her through the process.

As I lay in bed one night thinking, “how in the world am I going to make these payments.” My intuition spoke to me, “SOUL”. “That’s it!” I thought. “School of Universal Laws.” I was in a position where I was going to have to rely on something bigger than myself to help me pull this together. I was going to build my business off of the law of attraction and then teach others how to do the same!

Not only did I create an epic course to share with others, but I made every. single. payment.  To my coach...and more! I started booking 1-on-1 clients, grew my email list and social media following, and people wanted to know more. I shared my story through blogs and podcasts and it was finalllly all happening. My mission is to help you turn your dreams into reality. So here’s what manifesting feels in your Mind, Body, and SOUL...

The Mind:

You’re mind is a veryyy powerful tool. What you focus on, you will find. Focus on the your desires from a place of KNOWING that they are on their way, not the lack of it, or you will find more lack.

The Body:

If like attracts like, then you best become an energetic match for your desires. The best way to switch into a high vibe state is to MOVE YOUR BODY, AND HAVE FUN! For me, that looks like hitting the gym, and blasting my music while dancing or jumping on my trampoline. Don’t take yourself too seriously, allow yourself to be silly through the process.


Well this is interesting...I’m not just talking about the non-physical component of your being, I’m also talking about my course School of Universal Laws. (#sponsored)


SOUL: School of Universal Laws by Rachel Joy

Here’s what’s inside:  10 deep dive video modules with lifetime access. Each module contains SOULwork to go along with the video. SOUL dives deep into 14 different universal laws. Just like the law of gravity, they’ve always been there, we just don’t know about them. Once we know about each law, we can use them to our advantage, and in-turn create the life of our dreams. There will also be bi-weekly group coaching calls to connect with others, and so I can help guide you through the process.

So my question for you is…
what do you desire?It is through these universal laws that I have managed to know my soul on a much deeper level, and create the life and biz of my dreams. My mission is to help you do the same.
Enrollment ends MONDAY July 16th at 6 PM EST!

C'monn think BIGGER than a slice of pizza and a new car.



Got it? Great.

Now hold the vision close, enroll in SOUL, and watch magic happen.

Your desires are yours for a reason. Everything starts falling into place the minute you say YES, all you have to do is show up!"

To find out more on Rachel's SOUL: School of Universal Laws course go "HERE" or go "HERE" to sign up for a talk with Mrs. Lifestyle Designer, Rachel Joy! via TheRachelJoy.com


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