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What's A Lifestyle Designer?

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“I know I have greatness within me… I want to be great, I just don’t know how to be great.” Those are the words I said to my mom, as I asked her for help. Help to be set free from my depression and addiction. I was 19, and I had never known true happiness. It was at that time I decided to go to treatment.

That was the first step to answering the call of something
larger than me. I’ve always had a desire to do something big in the world, create an impact in some shape or form. I just didn’t know what it looked like, but what I did know was that I couldn’t help anybody else, until I helped myself.

After getting sober and working on increasing my self-worth, I had finally known what true happiness felt like; It was contagious. Most of my fears and limiting beliefs had slipped away, and as a result that I decided I wanted to help other addicts.

I got my addiction counselling certificate, and then went to university for my PhD in psychology. However I still had some work to do. The university lifestyle of eat, sleep, read, repeat had drained me. I was great at what I was doing, but totally depressed. The perfectionist in me could not imagine putting in another 8 years of work, and so I dropped out.

Not knowing where my path would lead, I considered different career options. I enrolled in two programs simultaneously, as one was online, and the other was on campus. I became a Certified Health Coach and this took my own healing to the next level. I wanted to share it with people. It became my motto that, “you can do all the cardio in the world, eat a salad every day for lunch, but if you’re not fully loving yourself, you’ll never be fully happy.”

There were two problems with this though…

  1. Though I had done so much personal work,  and had a new sense of happiness and self-worth, I was still lacking the confidence to step into the world as an entrepreneur. “What would people think of me? Will people take me seriously? I don’t want to be judged for being that girl on Instagram”… So I never did. Fear held me back.
  2. The other program I enrolled in was interior design, and having it be a full-time program on campus, it took up a lot more of my time and attention until some sort of divine intervention had happened.

I was one month away from graduating, and divine intervention had stepped in. I entered a contest to win a free ticket to Unleash the Power Within, with Tony Robbins. I found myself in a stadium with 9000 people, screaming, jumping, dancing, laughing and crying; all reevaluating our values and belief systems, walking on fire, and peeling back the layers of our life.

Watching Tony intervene on people in the room would bring me to tears of joy; I had so much love for them. I knew what it was like to be in what felt like hell, and I have also grown to know the freedom that lays on the other side. When each individual found the same sense of freedom through Tony’s teachings, I had a huge revelation: “HOLY SHIT! I am not meant to be in interior design. I need to go back to coaching. I need to be helping others break through past fear and create the life of their dreams!”

I came home, graduated…and did nothing with interior design. I started showing up more on social media, sharing my wisdom and experiences…but fear was still there. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was playing small. I was still worried how I would be judged for having unconventional ideas, and wanting to make a difference in this world.

In December I attended Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny, with my husband for our honeymoon. It was at that moment when I could no longer run from my purpose. It was from that moment when I fully became unapologetically me, took big risks, and started treating my business like a business. I combined my interior design and coaching background, and decided to call myself a Lifestyle Designer.

The minute I stepped into my truth, to show up and do the work I have always been here to do, everything changed.




I work with women to create the life and biz of their dreams through mind, body, and spirit. Through my experiences, it is my belief that in order to live a healthy, happy, and successful life, all three pillars must be strong. Together we peel back the layers of fear to see what’s holding you back from claiming what’s already yours. Your desires are waiting for you. They’re already yours, you just have to claim them!

I teach you to come from a place of alignment, because when we are speaking our truth, success is inevitable. When we are unapologetic about who we are, we allow others to do the same, which creates a massive ripple effect in the world. If you’re an aspiring #soulpreneur, or #wellpreneur, I use my design and media background to not only focus on the mind, body, spirit, but also teach you about branding, web design, email campaigns, and creating a presence on social media so you can monetize your passion and step into your full power.

I am a spirit junkie. I am addicted to growth. For if we’re not growing we’re dying. I am confident that we are here to do more than just exist. Life is meant to be enjoyed. It’s meant to be shared, and it’s meant to be lived! If you are alive today, you’re here for a reason. It means you have a purpose to serve. It’s time to step up and answer the call. Let me help you claim what’s already yours.

Love & gratitude,

To find out more on how Rachel is helping design the lifestyle of your dreams with her amazing success and lived experience gain some knowledge "HERE" or go "HERE" to sign up for a talk with Mrs. Lifestyle Designer, Rachel Joy! via TheRachelJoy.com

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