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Why They Call Addiction a Family Disease!

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I start my message to you with, “I LOVE YOU.”

Aaron—my son—always asked me, “Mom. Why is ‘I love you’ the first thing out of your mouth when I call?” 

I said him that, “Aaron, sometimes you don't call for weeks, or even months. I have to seize the opportunity when I can, and let you know I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT.”      

I proceeded to tell my son, “Frankly Aaron, I don't know when I’m going to get that next opportunity to say, ‘I love you’ to my only son."

So, if you haven’t already made the two and two connections… Hello! I’m Aaron's Mom. I'm also a mother of three total children. But, Aaron was the only boy that I’d had. 

I lost Aaron to the heroin epidemic and overdose crisis around him being 27. My second daughter is also someone who suffers from substance use disorder and is an addict in many other ways. My second daughter is also a single mom to my eight-year-old grandson. 

Now you may see why some call addiction a family disease.

Luckily my other daughter, Miriam, wrote a Youth Prevention book called "I Love My Brother" under the title “Doing Drugs Sucks” at http://www.doingdrugs.sucks/

I’m also a survivor and Grandmother to three children, whom family is in need of healing and recovery, just like the addict. I have a mother’s perspective on fighting for my own life since my son overdosed and died on April 12, 2010.

Today, I live my life not knowing if my second daughter will overdose and take my grandson on this nightmare, too. This is one of the greatest fears for family in recovery, but still caught in the grips of addiction, too. This is truly a family’s all-around-perspective on what it means to love someone through addiction, and love yourself through your own recovery, too!

I'm fighting for my happiness just one day at a time. This is the worst nightmare that can happen to a mother, father, or family member in this battle. I pray that you never have to wake up in an everyday Hell like parents that have lost their kids do. I’m fighting for my life every day. I keep it real, my message is clear. Here's some of my history:



I raised all three of my kids on my own. When they were just four, seven and ten, their dad walked right out of the front door on us, me, and the kids...

Somehow, I made it while I kept my business alive. Amidst the chaos two of my/our kids were struggling with addiction. And then it happened.

I lost Aaron in 2010 to an overdose. And without being able to find any other words to say my thoughts jump to my second daughter and my grandson.

Now, fast-forwarding seven-years-later, my daughter and my precious grandson live in a domestic shelter in NYC. She is someone suffering from addiction to much more than just substances, accompanied by mental issues. As a mother, and family, she has shut me out!

So, I try to keep busy by writing this blog. I find it very therapeutic to share my story in hopes that it will help your journey. As well as it will help me keep everything in the proper perspective.

(RIP Aaron, son, brother, family, friend, loved one)

Rhetorically, ask me how I get through the day? Well, I have a passion, not only for fashion, but for life! And my recovery is linked to your recovery. We are not alone!  

Families can suffer together, and it is a family disease. But, they can also heal together through stories like this and adjoining our experiences to make sure that it doesn’t happen to our future generation. Just like my sweet grandson.

So, Miriam and I, fight for our youth. And we ask you to take action, too. Or for all sake of telling this, beyond my own therapeutic relief, may you find some answers in your journey, as well.

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