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You're All Addicted and I Don't Care What You Say!

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You're all addicted and I really don't give a crap what you say. It's not only in our DNA to be addicted to something, but we are all focused on how good it feels even if it isn't drugs. Not understanding? Let me explain...

You don't have to be a "drug" addict to be an addict. Shit. I'm 6.5 years off of drugs and alcohol but I'm still a fucking addict. I work like a fucking fiend and there is no stopping me. I get that, although I like the hustle. It is a part of what keeps me sober. Although that dopamine rush when I get a like on Instagram feels so freaking good! Or when someone comments on a post I've written, even if it's bad, I'm fueling my serotonin to levels of invincibility.

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But, putting me aside, let's talk about you!

For instance, my mom is not addicted to drugs, although she may have an occasional glass of wine. But I would be dead wrong to tell you that she wasn't addicted to her horses, spending 12 hours or more a day with them. And when she pets them--and yes, they kiss her... weird--she gets this weird feeling, called dopamine that releases in her. It brings her back for more.

Or maybe take someone who has never even touched a cigarette but loves coffee. Are we not to say that coffee is fueling you through caffeine? Which yes, some may say is a drug; or in short a mind or mood altering chemical. It's that "up" though, or change from what they were, into what it makes them, that has them crying the next day without it and sighing of a caffeine migraine. It's probably a psychological mind game with the migraine, but heck, they're just as addicted as the neighbor who's been using heroin half as long as their coffee habit.

And then there's you people out there who are all straight, like straight edge, and maybe vegan, right? You tell me, "Fuck you! I'm not addicted." Well, I'm sorry to break it to you but you're addicted to the lifestyle my friend. Well, if you are my friend. You're addicted to the levels of constantly living and saying no and attempts of un-addiction. Resorting to an affiliate gang like behavior or cult that has forbidden fruits that we can say, you are addicted to telling us, or not, that you're not taking. In fact, most addictions are an addiction to the lifestyle and mindset. Not the actual drug or drink itself. Most addictions are psychological, in fact, I'd say that all of them are.

So what are you covering up with that drink, extra food, working too much, or attempt to be super bland? 

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Is it pain? Probably, and in most cases, yes. But like a lot say, YOLO mother fuckers. Why aren't you living an addicted lifestyle you've only got one chance to live life, so live it to the fullest. Of which, Grandma and Grandpa who think they've been moderate all of their days--and are wrong--would be ashamed. But Mac Miller doesn't care from bong rip to bong rip. He isn't high because he's in pain so what's the other reason? Well, if you're not bored enough about hearing how addicted you are, you may go something addicting now anyways. And that's your answer. 1) always under-satisfied 2) love that instantaneous release 3) I'm fucking bored.

But, don't feel ashamed. Like I said... it's not just you! It's everybody. And let me give you a slight reprieve--not too much or you may go do something completely stupid. Not all addictions are bad, or at least that's what your parents would want me to tell you! So if you're one of those fucks who likes studying too much then more power too ya, but I'm telling you to get out and have some fun too. Just don't get addicted to heroin or cocaine. Books are alright, I guess. And yeah, there are other things like getting addicted to gardening. But my favorite is the addiction of helping my fellow man. 

So let's all learn a bit from one another. Become a true leader and help the man or women to the left and to the right of us. That way when we are addicted to helping, at least we go to bed at night with the sense of fulfillment that doesn't come from helping ourselves, and we can wake up the next morning wanting to kick ass and help someone else instead of going to get high on some artificial lifestyle!

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