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Social Media Sucks! This is why…

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Social media straight out sucks. Social media has caused short-term and long-term mental health issues ever since the creation of a Myspace or Facebook founder sat in his Harvard dorm wondering, “What will get people to spread drama more than a teenage zoo?”

It’s outlandish to think that we aren’t satisfied with how much people get bullied in person that we have to go to the internet to personally search someone out (no matter how beautiful you really are) and heckle them online. Cyberbullying has exploded since the boom of social media but really has started throwing our society’s mindset downhill since the Amanda Todd issue. Now we are dealing with Lamar Odom, Johnny Manziel, Blake O’Neill (UofM Punter), and the list goes on and on and onnnnn!

It gives me a migraine every time I see someone get called ugly online. It’s like you don’t think that they will honestly read that, and probably cry about it? Then you’re going to make some comment five seconds later, predicting them crying over it… really? As I chuckle to myself, it’s really not all that funny. Social media creates more hassles in our daily life, too. You hear a beep on your phone, or a vibration, and pretty soon your hearing or feeling ghost vibrations… yeah, that’s a thing! It’s like we are just dreading—or expecting—the drama.

“Oh, she had another baby?!” You’ll hear from Becky and her big butt that doesn’t lie, all the while she’s lying about how she really feels… “All my friends are having babies , getting pregnant and i’m over here like…what kind of pizza should I get?” Yeah, pretty soon this will be you posting pictures of your babies. You know exactly what people are going to be saying about you when you post those pictures too because you were one of those people before you got pregnant!

It irks me that too much that you think those certain opinions you throw out there are Godlike. We have to get this straight, there is only one God and you are not it! Just because you post something on social media, it doesn’t make you Stephen effing Hawking. Just because people don’t agree with your opinion, it doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your way to comment back and basically do a life hack, “MY WORD IS EVERYTHING! I AM ALL KNOWING!” Most of the time you are actually completely wrong. 99% of the time what you say isn’t really even fact at all, social media is pretty much just your opinion, so get over hurting people… it hurts!!!!

You won’t be able to change people one Facebook post at a time. Worrying about what other people say on the internet and having to post just to feel like you are changing them, I’m not sure who’s hurting who more?

We could be sitting in our bedroom trying to point out the fallacies of someone else out and change them for the better, but that’s not how it works. Usually they will just post it to piss you off even more by saying something wrong on purpose at that point. And if they do realize they are wrong, who is really wrong? An opinion is an opinion is an opinion. The social media world can make people angry at each other, but it shouldn’t jeopardize our hometime. Hurting someone, to hurt ourselves even more online just causes us to hurt those we love at home and take our hate from what’s really bugging us online, in the real world. We are taking what’s online and putting it into our real life situations, and it makes us angrier and angrier.

What we really need to do is focus on our day to day interactions between people we truly care about and screw the rest. Unfortunately, we can’t just do that, though. We do care, and it feels like there is a game within the game, within social media… it feels like an effing Matrix. “Neo you ARE The one!” Well, actually this isn’t true, bullies this is to you, YOU ARE NOT JUST THE ONE. There is plenty of us out there that don’t need to hear what you have to say.

Facebook needs to make an app like they did the like finger, where we can filter all bullies into a spam folder and they would never be able to hurt anyone ever again. What if this was able to happen? Life would be so great! We might live in a sense of Euphoria and eager bliss because we’ve literally filtered out all of the big mouth bigots and bullies hurting and harming others emotions through cyber bullying.

Social media was the greatest creation since… well, that’s not true either. Social media was the easiest way for people to hurt more feelings than before political propaganda. Don’t get me started on political propaganda either sheesh!

We’ve had more suicides linked to cyberbullying than we have had the words said “I love you” in a comment section of people’s Facebook comments or a 140 characters of a Twitter account.

Why not spread an “I love you” today on someone’s Facebook or Twitter, and let’s all try to move passed all of the diabolical schemings against each others motives and emotions on social media.

Right now… SOCIAL MEDIA SUCKS but you can help that. Type to make a difference, I know you can. Please be the change!

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