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Winter Blues–Summer Sunlight

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Most don’t deal well with having a lack of sunlight in their life. The effects of Vitamin D, produced by the Sun, help many deal with anxiety and depression that go along with mental health or recovery from addictions. Many people feel down during the winter season. Many people start to experience depression, anxiety, they get sluggish, and have reoccurring virus infections in the winter months. Those suffering from the winter blues are suffering from a lot worse than just this.

Many people feel down during the winter season. Many people start to experience depression, anxiety, they get sluggish, and have reoccurring virus infections in the winter months. Those suffering from the winter blues are suffering from a lot worse than just this.courtesy of sunlight Winter Blues--Summer Sunlight 758a7cd85cf68afa724191ada1fd9b1d

Most people would get diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but addiction is different (I’ll get there trust me!). This really comes down to it not being summer and/or you getting certain things from the sunlight exposure. How interesting when I see most relapses and active addictions take place when the seasons shift. The winter blues prove to have some truth, now.

WebMD states that women are more likely to get SAD, and people who live far from the equator where the winter has low daylight hours. Hence, this covers the lack of sunlight, and increase in depression. “Concurred? Concurred!”

There's a renowned doctor in field studies known as Dr. Rosenthal. Doctor Norman Rosenthal is a doctor who has had most contact in recent years with Seasonal Affective disorder. Rosenthal is the one who coined the term ‘winter blues’ in his book found with citation here: [Rosenthal NE. Winter Blues: Everything You Need to Know to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder. New York, NY: Guilford Press; 2006.]

A quote found at on Norman Rosenthal, MD. He states:

“Six percent of the US population, primarily in northern climates, is affected by SAD in its most marked form. Another 14 percent of the adult US population suffers from a lesser form of seasonal mood changes, known as winter blues.”

Why can’t we correlate ideas from being seasonally depressed, to why support groups and in-patient centers flood with people in the wintertime? Some would say that they unequivocally have the winter blues.

We all agree that summer is awesome! But, with this being said there are many reasons addicts could be experiencing higher rates of use in the winter than the summer.

What are we missing out on in the summer? There are many reasons that the summer benefits the human body. It completely benefits your life and lifestyle. “100% agreed!”

Number 4 at (article title: “10 healing benefits of the sun” Felecitti 2012) was that the sun lowers cholesterol. They go on to state that the sun converts “high cholesterol in the blood into steroid hormones and the sex hormones we need to reproduce.”

Well, I think we can all agree this is a big upper in our life! We all need a little more of this, especially in the healthiest form you can get!

You could go to say that addicts who lack a certain number of serotonin and dopamine receptors [functioning at proper capacity] could go even more “bluesy” in the winter. Wouldn’t you agree?

Addicts going through symptoms of active abuse could experience an even greater risk of withdrawal from the sun and it’s powerful properties, compared to someone who isn’t using! Those in active abuse/use also have a higher risk of depression without the sun. If the depression isn’t ramped enough in active addiction then take into account the weather. It really does matter!

To elaborate on the subject of depression and how it correlates to substance abuse, Felecitti states, “The noon sunshine can deliver 100,000 lux. When we sit in offices for the best part of the day, out of the sun, under neon and artificial lights (150-600 lux), we are depriving ourselves of the illumination of nature. Sunlight deprivation can cause a condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression. It is more common in winter months, but also common in people who work long hours in office buildings.”

Depression is common in most who are lacking sunlight, plain and simple. The sun makes a true difference in your recovery, addiction, journey, lifestyle, and ANYTHING.

No matter the weather we should all make a choice to get out and enjoy nature. We should focus on ourselves being one with the environment a little bit more. We should just enjoy being. “Let it be.” Right?

Even with the correlation between addiction and seasons, for the betterment of life we should enjoy the nature we have. We should most definitely enjoy the nature we perceive, and the nature we still have left. We need more sunlight in our lives and this is living proof!

The World we live in is a world created by illumination, as stated by Felecitti above. The illumination of what is around us. Without sunlight, we are missing out on the illumination and stuck in the dark.

Make better lifestyle choices! Be a better you! Because, I believe in you!   

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