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I Talked Someone Out of Suicide Last Night... [Video]

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It was a scary but humbling night for me this past Friday night...

I never knew that someone could still care so much after not talking for ten years. Part of it felt like a lie, to be honest. And then the other part of me said, "At least I answered and didn't hang up!"

I didn't know how serious it was until he said that he was glad I answered, because it helped him take the gun out of his mouth. 

How I got through it was the same way that others got me through it...

1) I was proof that life gets happier and better. Just like others who were helping me through my times. And like I told him that his higher power wasn't ready for him to leave this world yet, either.

2) After 5 failed phone calls (he said). I picked up and listened with no judgement. Answered when was asked something without bias. And I was never to tell someone in that state of mind that they were wrong.

3) The most essential part was that I did not hang up the phone first, helped him come to his own conclusion to find what he was running from, and when he was ready to hang up the phone at least he was laughing and full of fulfillment!

See my reaction video and a description of the whole scenario below:



Remember... life does get better. Many love you. And it's okay to ask for help!

In case of crisis or emergency, call the suicide helpline here:

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  • Nicole Clarke on

    I teared up reading this. Unfortunately it can be so hard to know what exactly to say during a phone call like that – there is just so much room for error, you know? Or fruitlessness – I’m glad you answered and that what you said resonated.

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