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10 Ways to stay Humble in Recovery

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Recovery is something that takes time to achieve.  It takes time, like any practice, or art.

1. Learn Humilitycourtesy of

It may sound tedious to say we don’t love ourselves.  But, one of the most underestimated values in this world is to focus on someone other than us.  When you begin the passage into recovery there are barriers that need to be broken down.  Within finding a humble state through humility you can shatter that dead weight holding you down.  Realizing every moment isn't pertaining to just you is a part of it.  But, the systems around you and people beside you matter too.  So, humility will hopefully be practiced more often. Within humility, we don’t only benefit ourselves, but to others!

2. Withholding Arrogance

From addict to addict, it comes down to passing the message along to those in need.  With arrogance nothing can be learned.  Ones who need it most will suffer from arrogance, not the ones supplying it.

3. Count Your Blessings

A cute little side trick when you’re feeling down is to write yourself gratitude list!  What better to realize your purpose than counting every little thing that matters most?  Write down anything that makes you feel EXTRA-ordinary, and say thank you! That’s all, folks!

4. Accept Your Boundaries

A healthy self-esteem is essential to any recovery, but slow your Nellie if you feel the need to gloat.  Remember, stay true to you.  Accept those around you.  And, try to grow a firm relationship with yourself, and with the ones who care most!  We must understand, as drugs numb the body, our self becomes unable to respond to the outside world properly.  When we become sober things seem amped and heightened.  It’s like coffee does the opposite effect for us now, too!  Realizing the saying that many get, “Whoa! You sound intense!” is common in early recovery.  But, this is something we need to accept, when accepting our boundaries!  It’s not always about us!  And, what we think we sound like isn't always what we really sound like.  

5. Be Strong Be You w/out Bragging

You may start to realize after a certain amount of time that you are awesome!  You can embrace your inner awesome Kung-Fu warrior.  But, remember to not fight unless otherwise engaged first! Self-defense only!  So, in short… You are awesome just don’t brag too much about how much!  You are a stellar individual, but it’s not a solo party.  Although, it is a sober party! Life isn't always about us.  Being conscientious to others is a key part to staying humble.

6. Be Active Within Your Day

Be eager to opportunities that are given to you.  But, be cool and calm when graciously accepting the opportunities provided by your higher power.   Some days are good—Some days are bad.  This is a life full of ups and down.  But, with every little hit we take, we accept the positive strides too.  As the old saying goes, “Two-steps forward, one-step back.”  Making progress is key.  In recovery we learn that stagnation is a cause to reversion; we mustn't move backwards in recovery.  Be active and take the opportunities given to you with grace.

7. Get What You Give

Only when you truly stop… okay STOP!  Think about what you would be feeling if you were on the receiving end of your own words.  Would you accept the things that come from you?  It’s a self-guided rule; you get in life what you give out.  So, respect and be kind to your surroundings because, you never know when karma can come back to you (good or bad!).  Respect is not given in this world, and it must be earned.  Just remember: Be kind, be gentle because someone out there might need.  You never know when you will need it, too!

8. Keep an Open Mind

Through awareness we become stronger within ourselves.  We also find a placement for soul and purpose.  The key ingredient to awareness is to have an open mind.  Through having an open mind we can truly understand other’s insight that is key to changing a disgruntled situation in our life!

9. Accepting Change

Change isn't always bad.  In fact, change can be monumental for recovery!  You know those things we talk about?  ‘Character defects’?  Part of acceptance would the need for change.  Don’t you agree?  Keeping your mind open to the change is the kick-starter.  But, truly accepting things as they come is key.  Just remember to take life on life’s terms.  One day at a time.

10. Love Thyself

This all may be a little bit hard to do at once.  So, don’t forget that you may come across struggle.  That's okay!  Struggle is all a part of the process!  But, don’t forget to always love yourself.  You can always be your own best friend!  People mess-up and come across difficult things.  But never lose focus that loving and caring about you is still the number one priority; to be better. courtesy of
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