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Talking Someone Down from a Bad Trip!

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Have you come across someone who was completely losing themselves and don’t know what to do? Well, in addiction I lived this many times and didn’t know what to do either. But, through education and schooling I’ve learned tips along the way to a degree in Substance Abuse. This is the most commonly used form and protocol on dealing with someone in the midst of a bad trip; whether it be from psychoactive drugs or a mental illness. Follow this guide and you may not only save someone’s life, but be able to educate those around you on how to do this as well!

This guide will save lives, when you or someone you know encounters someone having a bad trip from either mental health issues or a psychedelic psychoactive drug. Please share this to spread awareness, all it takes is one click, one share to save a life. This is deadly important information, so we urge no not for our sake, but for those out there still suffering, give it a click/share. You never know who you’ll be saving today, tomorrow, or the next day! This is a guide on “How to Talk Someone Down from a Bad Trip”:

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  • Acceptance
    1. You must first gain the trust and confidence of the person experience a bad trip. If they don’t trust you, you will be seen as a hostile outsider. Without this acceptance they will immediately attack and dive deeper into the bad trip. Acceptance being the first part is crucial. Without this all else is lost. Create yourself to be someone that THEY perceive you to be, as calm, collected, and most of all SAFE. Their surroundings are already bad enough. If you come across as threatening it will create the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Get on their level while sober and ask yourself, “If I’m in a hyper agitated state, what would calm me down?”
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  • Reduction of Stimuli
    1. Get the user to a quiet, nonthreatening environment because what they perceive in this state is extremely threatening. Pursue a neutral environment. Find a medium sized place without too many distractions. Keep the amount of outside distractions low. Find somewhere that will ensue a serene mindset in the time of most peril. Give off an easy going demeanor not just in attitude, but surroundings. The more that the person experiencing a bad trip has to react to, the more chance of increasing the bad trip. So keeping what’s around them minimal is crucial! Find somewhere were interactions are extremely minimal, besides yourself, and the person you’re talking down.
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  • Reassurance
    1. This may seem odd but tell the user that they are experiencing a bad trip in a cool, collected way. We don’t want to tell them something that will be too much to handle, but they must be aware that this is a temporary situation. The fact that what they are experiencing won’t last forever may be the most reassuring thing of all to hear. If we can get it into their head, that the effects are lessening, with more time passing then maybe the effects themselves will diminish even more. The phrase “This too shall pass,” will be the key to expression here. Don’t just say, “this is a bad trip,” but enlighten the user of the experience and how it’s only a temporary situation!
    2. Then reassure them that they are
      1. In a safe place, where no one or anything (imaginary or not) will, can, or is going to hurt them.
      2. Among safe people who are looking out for their betterment. Act as their protector, body guard, or guidance. With this reassurance the user will feel a sense of calm to not react to the extremities of the bad trip. In fact, if you are there to fight their “demons,” the demons may lesson themselves, therefor lessening the bad trip.
      3. Going to be okay very shortly. Nothing lasts forever will be the guiding force in this last message of reassurance. As iterated above, it won’t last forever. Knowing that what is happening is not true reality, but induced imagination/nightmare will give the user a sense of calm. They will be able to rest with ease knowing that the bad trip isn’t forever. It’s only a temporary setback. Leading us into our next point, rest.
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  • Rest
    1. Help the user relax. Rest may be the most essential part to recovery once the user is gaining some ground underneath them again. They’ve been stressing and their heart has been rapidly beating away from worry for a long time now. It’s time to calm the user, and start to bring them back to reality.
      1. Use stress reduction techniques. Talk about things that will bring a serene atmosphere. Possibly walk them through some breathing routines while depicting a scenic, serene landscape. Guide them through the situation as if you are standing on the edge of eternal happiness with them. Then bring them back to a state of norm. Give them the most important piece between reality and imaginary. Be the reason to come back.
      2. Promote a safe, calm sense of mind. Talk smoothly, don’t stutter or give off a strong, harsh tone. Look at them with compassion and empathy, not sympathy. Give the user a real sense of care, and let them know that once this is over that they will never have to experience this again. This too shall pass.
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  • The Talk Down
    1. Discuss peaceful and non-threatening subjects with the user. Guide them to a safe place like in #4 (rest). But, this time, take it all the way home. As the comedown happens, be there with empathy to bring the user out of the bad trip fully and safely.
    2. Avoid any concept or topic that will cause more anxiety. Don’t bring up the bad that has happened, but rather, focus on the positive to come, once out of the trip (while not mentioning the trip anymore at this point).
    3. Avoid topics that the user will want to give a strong reaction to. Don’t be too firm or too gentle, be passionate. If this were you, how would you like to be treated in your most vulnerable time? What would save your life right before the reckoning occurs?
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