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15 steps: A guide to Healing

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In recovery we all go through what we call “the motions.” In addiction there is a lot of grief and sorrow. Through the processes getting clean we must realize and make room for healing in order to gain a proper sense of ourselves in recovery. Through a personalized step working guide to healing this can guide you through the motions of what we must do to gain a better sense of our own healing process. This will help guide is in a direction that is a win-win in recovery for gaining proper peace of mind and proper healing from our passed afflictions.

Here is a 13-step guide to what a good healing process looks like. This may take you on the exact path you need to be on in order gain back a proper place in our hearts to grow.

The 13-step guide to healing:

1. Embrace the sorrow that has surrounded you and others and let the affliction become a realization easier to handle.

2. Granting the first step you are able to hold the sorrow and accept it as it truly is then begin new steps towards healing and moving forward.

3. Honesty with others is key but the true honesty lies within yourself and your own feelings. This is where the healing will begin and must start.couresy of healing 15 steps: A guide to Healing relax00

4. Find others who can share the sorrow you are feeling with you. Become accustomed to others stories of similarity because through this stage we don’t feel so small on this big world. Through this process we start to realize that we are not alone, and that makes it easier to heal, not alone, but together.

5. Be soft to your emotions and the emotions of others. Make sure you are taken care of and the ones that rely on you are taken care of while healing begins.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself, there’s no room for self-defeating behavior in healing, we want to move in the opposite path for recovery and betterment.

7. Each individual grieves in their own way and experiences moments of sadness in their own way. Don’t let someone else’s emotions or actions control your healing process. Let the healing process be your own.courtesy of healing 15 steps: A guide to Healing emotional healing technique 1

8. Support teams are key to surviving an elapsed time of healing or recovery from sorrow, so don’t keep it all to yourself as many others may need to hear your story, too.

9. Realize whom, and/or what makes you feel safe and make this your “happy place” when times get rough. Times are inevitably going to get rough, but it’s where we turn that can save us and bring us back to the goodness life has to offer. A lot call this a Higher Power.

10. Don’t overwhelm yourself with making too big of decisions; we may not be in the right spot to make life-changing choices. Know where you stand. Be confident.

11. Gain proper support in your life whether it is from groups or loved ones, there are many options to gain support. Mentors can be another good sounds example of this. Be open to the idea of letting someone else help you and take some of the burden off of yourself.

12. Write, write, write. Write your thoughts down whether it be a diary or a self inventory, it is key to get our thoughts out onto a piece of paper or a word document to alleviate some of the burdens we hold inside.courtesy of healing 15 steps: A guide to Healing emotional healing

13. Practice mourning the loss but don’t let it control you. You control the actions of the given situation within reason of your ritualization.

14. Begin to feel the freedom creep into your life with positive sunshine invading the dark spaces that have surrounded your mind and soul.  This leads you to the last step of embracing healthy healing.

15.  Accept the healing and time you are given with it, embrace it, practice it, and do it all over again as many times as you need!

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Be confident you will succeed in the healing and the direct actions will follow the mindset and suddenly become secondary as you begin to feel better.  It’s not easy to heal but with this comprehensive guide it makes it a lot more tolerable and bearable to guide our lives in a positive light:  “Healthy.”

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