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The benefits of Meditation in Lifestyle

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One of the greatest luxuries to a pathway in recovery is the art of sitting still and including empty space in our lives so that our imagination has room to breath. This doesn't mean entertaining a stagnant lifestyle, but this means with our busy schedules we lose focus on ourselves and through clearing our thoughts we can regain this sense of well-being. Sometimes making the best efforts we can we lose focus on the most important part of life: Reflection. This can be achieved through one key principle: Doing nothing, or more simply put, Meditation.

courtesy of www.catherinecouturier.com meditation The benefits of Meditation in Lifestyle Jerry Uelsmann Stone Meditation 2008Many support groups often say that sitting with our own thoughts has done things like, get us to this point in our addiction, and I find this not completely true. I find that ourselves mold our minds as much as our sense of self is molded by the way we shape our experiences in life and hold on to those experiences. Experiences aren’t the current and what you get out of them, but what you make out of them from past, present and future hope, the key word being hope. The only true way to find a path to these experiences and finding a new path is by letting our bodies, minds, and souls sit completely still, whether it be for a couple of minutes or a couple of years. This art of sitting still isn’t getting on the ground and always closing your eyes and picturing a serene place but is a way to create an area of blank space in our lives or minds for healing. This will lead to clearer thinking but will become an eloquent part of your life, and it’s said that the art of doing nothing can lead to emotional intelligence, which means you’ll be able to gather a sense of self quicker, better, and healthier each furthering time.

Separation that comes in times of recollection can almost be more than normal it can be truly needed. Creating empty space—like a pause or rest in music—gives life it’s shape and gives you a chance to complete your thoughts and let your recovering imagination breath.

With addiction we have been filling thoughts and trying to un-fill thoughts within our mind, but have we truly taken time to let our thoughts fill us? For most this is what we’ve been running from in life, and this has been what has led most to addiction, but now with the mindset of recovery in our lives we finally have a clear path in life through a guided life and guided meditation that becomes almost a fluent aspect in your life.

Now, when meditation gives us space to bring stillness in our minds and emotional strength it builds through clarity and an effervescence of calm. There is a sense of opening up a space in our life and with this space we may be able to find our true self. Some people do something as simple as turning off their cell phones and others go to more lengths, like spending thousands of dollars to take a getaway to go to absolutely nowhere. Going no where important might be crying out for the depth of it’s importance as ironic as it sounds.

In addiction we’ve been screaming and moving, turning and churning through our lives with an utter commotion and acceleration. We’ve been distracted from something as important as paying attention to a clear state of mind, a clear conscious and a clear life full of hope and love that can all be gained through the art of going no where.

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I’ve taken myself many places in addiction but the one place I can learn to grow on is taking a space apart from life in order to get back in touch with not only myself but to clear myself of daily expenditures that sent me to using and abusing drugs in the first place. I’ve learned joy through sitting still and have been lucky enough to gather a lot of time in this area, but that’s what recovery is for, healing on our own time.

Meditation brings clarity to the right eyes on life and is the best way to develop a better sight into day-to-day motions is through letting our minds do nothing, so you can have time to make sense of the future and the past. This might be as exciting as doing something extravagant, then might take just as much effort, but lead to greater realization, through doing absolutely nothing.

This is an old, old idea that historians have led us to believe that our life is what we make of the sum of our experiences not the experiences happening in themselves. The romantic’s like Shakespeare go on to say that thinking is what makes us, in our minds, our sense of being, possible.

Take for example two people going through a traumatic experience in life—such as addictions—and put two ulterior mindsets against each other. One man/woman coming off of a great catastrophe and starting new in recovery will look at this like it’s the end of all time, he will say things like, “Why can I never use again?” or “It’s not really just for today!” This mindset has hidden recovering pathways through a clouded mindset. The truth is through making ultimatums and all or nothing deadlines in our lives for things that don’t need an answer but just recollection leads us to a more destructive path than if we were to do nothing.

Now take the other man/woman coming fresh off an active stint in addiction and is a first time in recovery, completely new to the process. There is a sense of this person that takes the opportunity as if a flood of water has come in wiping away the past, things that have been done, and all places they have called home in addiction. Just through the process of realizing our experiences, taking them for what they are worth, and using them as mechanisms and tools in our life rather than defaults, provides us not only with a peace of mind but a direction for the future, guided from whatever past you may have endured.

Life has given me many trips—a lot bad and now a lot good—but it’s only through the insight of sitting still and a guided mindset of true meditation that allows me to turn those into a lasting insight, interpretation and pathway of mindfulness on which way to go, depending on which way I have come from, too.

I can get a better part of my recovery just by existing in a better part of myself and by sometimes taking a day off mentally, emotionally, or physically but never spiritually. Life isn’t always a constant battle of “what comes next?” but life involves time to find yourself, and then time to put that finding into action.

courtesy of dolmafund.org meditation The benefits of Meditation in Lifestyle c David CaylessLife is constantly passing people by who are submersing themselves into more, more, and more while the most enlightened beings on this Earth are sitting in the Mountaintops meditating and sitting with an inner peace while knowing and earning/learning their true self. This gives them what they prize most, their life. It gives the day a chance to stretch out in front of you and let you look at it, really taking in a sense of good, bad, and the nothing.

Bringing stillness into the commotion of the world is by far one of the most meaningful aspects we as humans can learn not just in recovery but in life, bringing clarity and calm opening a place in our lives that is not only available to heal but making us ready for it. Waking up refreshed, waking up healthy, time gives me my life back and that is a the beauty of mediation and recovery. It gives us time to pick up the pieces; time to become whole again healthily.

So remember this one true fact that in recovery and healing that the art of going nowhere can be sometimes more beneficial than going too much of somewhere.

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