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21 ways to a Healthy Healing Process

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We all go through loss or a life event that requires us to gain back pieces of ourself.  We all must go through a healing process in order to go back to our healthy state that we once had.  It is achievable but there are ways to achieve this process.  Developed through extensive research on alternative methods most recently I’ve came up with a proper list of 21 ways to a Healthy Healing Process.  This will help you whether in active addiction, in addiction recovery, or know someone with addiction.  This will also improve anyone looking for a positive lifestyle in addiction or not.

21 ways to a Healthy Healing Process

1. Be open to healing and then allow yourself to mourn.

2. Be true to you and understand your own feelings in whatever way they come—good / bad / or afflicted.

3. Talk to others, hear their opinions and really listen to what they share within and without their mourning process.

4. Be polite to yourself and keep a good frame of mind, knowing that if you cannot take care of yourself there is no room to grow for others as well.

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5. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

6. What others think of me is none of my.

7. I will not allow others to tell me how to go about my healing process, this is mine and I embrace that.

8. Don’t leave behind people, places and things that we know can help, set up support systems and be compassionate to yourself and others.

9. Realize any place is a safe place as long as your in peace of mind.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

11. Major decision-making may be something to consider for another time because we don’t want to compromise critical thinking because of bigger situations.

12. Find a team to stick behind you no matter the costs. i.e. support team.

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13. Write in somewhere safe, whether it’s good or bad, this is someplace you have to call your own, with your own thoughts.

14. Retain the loss.

15. Release the loss.

16. Figure out a next case and best-case scenario.

17. Moving on isn’t the end it’s a step in a new direction, just lead with your right foot and you will always head in the right direction.

18. Realize patterns of behavior as they become more self evident.

19. Compromise with yourself.

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20. Take hold of the situation.

21. Become a stronger you, end off of good faith, and begin on good new grounds.

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