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Alternative Methods to Overcoming Unmanageability

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We’ve all grown up thinking a certain way. We all started from birth thinking that this is just the way it is. Things didn’t just become, but they had already come.

Unmanageability doesn’t just arise, things are created. But how, and how can we create a new way to cope about it?

Your social world can create shapes, structures, and meaning through space and time. Some of your ideas can be extremely beneficial to you, others around you, and even impress un-impressionable people to the highest regard.

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There are also some different ideas, and managed thoughts, from the way you and I were both brought up from day one that can and do lead to emotional damage. Some of the ideas you learned are simply “not real.” Sometimes things become truly “unmanageable.”

Things truly become unmanageable within our own ideas when we lose ourselves to addictions or other types of similarly statured things in life. These things that make us feel uncomfortable when something we believe in, great and ugly, weird or bizarre, are caused by a societal norm, or “codes” that are simply different than what addicts or alcoholics deal with on a daily path.

Things stray from the beaten path in addiction or alcoholism, so how do we see ourselves and come to realizations through these ideas we have? How does it become unmanageable to believe in what we have for so long and be able to take this “thing” back? How do we manage this?

The creation of ideas, feelings, and emotions during times of peril can be hard to comprehend in a completely different world of sobriety and recovery. A war within our mind becomes a daily torment and your unmanageability stems from your ideas, and a status of the way things are, compared to how they should be.

The following is a short list of examples of ideologies and feelings one incurs on a life basis. You can also incur these feelings during alcoholism and addiction:

    1. I’m hurting and it’s my fault.
    2. I’m hurting and it’s your fault.
    3. I love you.
    4. Hell Yeah!
    5. I am terrified of the dark.
    6. I hate being an addict / alcoholic.
    7. I hate when people stare at me, I feel awkward.
    8. Saying I love you to anyone feels awkward to me right now.
    9. I am weak.
    10. I don’t belong here, in this city, or anywhere.
    11. I’m too regulated; self medicated… or is it a schedule?
    12. I miss you
    13. I’m confused
    14. Hello
    15. Abc…

You could write fifty… 100… or even one thousand more of those types of “things,” we have in our ideas and perception. I dare you to reply with some of your own!

Each feeling was designed through the world around us as we are conditioned to feel because of some clockwork built in to society’s mechanics. As you grow older, it’s actually true, you can teach an old dog a new trick or two. We learn things as we age, and sticks and stones will break my bones, but words stay away!

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