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10 Ways to gain proper Peace of Mind

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In gaining a proper “Peace of Mind” and using alternative methods of treatment that should be available to all, there are several factors to be seen as a great contribution to emotional, mental stability, spiritual wholesomeness. You can gain a truer understanding of what lies within yourself through gaining a true peace of mind. The factors that are seen as contributing to peace of mind are:


  1. Hold a pure and abstention of suspicion and resentment towards someone, something in your life; especially yourself. Dealing with grudges is only a way to make ourselves deal with something that is out of our control.  I cannot control another man as much as he can control me.  Live pure of heart and your life will contain more happiness than if you were to hold grudges and keep enemies, rather than release yourself from the internal prison.
  2. Feel love in your life.  Hold true to your commitments and be honorable. Live compassionately for the things that you love and don’t be afraid of something just because it is in your way.  The trait we must not lose though to us, our loved ones, and our sobriety/recovery is loyalty.
  3. Don’t worry about things you can’t change, that’s the worst dead weight to have.  Deal with the real and don’t contemplate too long on things that you know you have no power over.
  4. Don’t run away from opportunities whether you know the outcome or not, as long as you know the situation is good hearted and well intended.  Live life with confidence and work together with your life for a proper yet obtainable reality.
  5. Life will give you situations that you feel are unfair but one thing you cannot do is fall into self-doubt. It’s key to note that we are always in a spot we need to be in, so sometimes it may not be a bad deal, it may just be something we needed, and didn’t know it. Accepting things on their own terms is a key to success in obtaining serenity.
  6. Keeping in chronic contact with loved ones, people that can reflect with you on worldly things, and being socially engaged is a key to giving yourself freedom from battling your own emotions by yourself. Withdrawing from worldly activities is just contaminating your mind with paranoia and self-reliant attitudes.
  7. Don’t overwhelm yourself and demand too much when you know that all things do require time, patience, and admiration. Don’t expect the worlds end from yourself life is not a do-all or do-nothing. Set moderate goals and obtain them in reasonable and livable times.
  8. Don’t live in the past.  Keeping your mind fixated on what was and how we fix that, we then lose focus on what’s at hand and start to create the same mistakes.  Always keep moving forward by doing what you are shown and know is right to do.
  9. There’s always something that makes us not the center of this world, we are only one in trillions of living and non-living objects on this earth, the Sun does not revolve around us but it’s okay to be admirable too.
  10. Compassion for yourself doesn’t mean it’s a selfish attitude but, knowing who you really are will help you become able enough to give that person to the world in a satisfying and gratifying way.


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