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Types of Treatment for Addiction Recovery

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Treatment is what many contemplate doing before getting clean and sober from addictions or alcohol. Many often see cases that take it to the extreme with intervention programs and long stay rehabilitation programs. Other times most see Intensive Outpatient (IOP) or a short term stay at a rehabilitation center as an option. Treatment can come in the forms of personal or group therapy, as well as having the right support system/group to fall back on in times of need. There are many reasons and statistics to be evaluated on why treatment is so important in an addiction recovery program, but the key is to know you, not now, but down the road, as this is a journey many embark on: “You are not alone.”

Most starting off in a drug treatment rehabilitation center start with things like detoxification and a medically managed withdrawal system. This is a common starting point. The first step is surrendering completely to this and coming to grips with getting clean. This is why having a medically managed system is extremely important. If addicts were to treat treatment as a personal “outpatient” program—on their own—most would give into the courtesy of treatment Types of Treatment for Addiction Recovery recoverytemptation of the “just one more attitude.” This is why being in a treatment center where there are medically trained professionals and others going through the same situations around you to manage the “symptoms” and effects of your first days sober and clean.

Places that provide long term treatment give a 24 hours a day—around the clock—service to any need you could seem to conjure up during your first days clean and sober, while also providing the safety of guaranteeing you a “what’s next” or “Where do we go when I go get?” If we did not have long term stay treatment facilities, those with illicit addiction who have spent years in the addiction/habit may not find a way out. As the saying goes, “We didn’t get this way overnight, so it won’t go away over night.” This is the principal statement guiding a long-term treatment facility—most swear by it.

In these long term treatment facilities they give you medically managed detoxification, but the long term stay also guarantees a therapeutic community to come back to after, and during, your detoxification. This therapeutic community is crucial to rebuilding the—as most call—character defects addicts developed during their active addiction. It provides aspects that could not be accomplished if you were not in this setting and teaches you how to re-socialize in a healthy, productive manner. These services can also include things like reintegration into the society addicts have so missed out on during active use. There can be jobs provided, homes for the homeless, mental health services for those who need it, and even ties to helping aide procedures that one may go through from addiction with the criminal and justice law.

Short-term treatment centers can range from anywhere of seven days to 3-6 weeks. The time you stay in a short-term facility varies on the doctors “discretion.” As they see problems diminish—that may still be deeply rooted underneath—they start plans for discharge. Short-term facilities are comprehensive for the detoxification aspect but lack the therapeutic community. Short-term facilities aren’t necessarily a “quick fix,” but most would argue going to places such as this are crucial for people with high profile status, a lack of time to treat themselves, or money issues accompanied with long-term versus short-term stay. There are ways to get compensation for the money issues involved with stay through the state and I urge you to check out all of your options through your local services. Short-term stay is modeled after a self-help attitude, which are molded from support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. These programs help the patients risks of relapse when in and leaving the facility.

Outpatient treatment is another option. Outpatient treatment is far less expensive than the first two options of staying in-patient. Thesecourtesy of treatment Types of Treatment for Addiction Recovery plan guy types of programs are extremely well organized for those who are of even higher social status or do not have the time to check into a long-term or even short-term facility. When time—and sometimes money—is an issue outpatient programs are the go-to for many trying to find a way to get and stay clean. Outpatient situations are easily convenient and adaptable to most modern day life structures. Group counseling is the biggest aspect of outpatient treatment and the focus of the rehabilitation. We are all in this fight together, so coming together in a group facilitated aspect for counseling and working on self are key to these outpatient programs.

Individual counseling focuses on aspects such as structure and facilitation of a patient’s recovery program. Whatever the goal may be between the addict/alcoholic and their individualized counseling the goals are set at reintegration in society through a developmental plan that you and your counselor lay out for you. This may include participation in support groups—many require this for treatment—and to stay on a regular schedule with medical, psychiatric, employment, family, and care needed to properly function compared to your active addiction. In these types of programs you may focus on cognitive-behavioral therapy as a part of your rehabilitation. CBT is an innovative program to restructure the brain to a positive way of thinking and coping with the stressors an addict/alcoholic can go through.

Being socially reinforced is one the biggest and most beneficial aspects to group counseling. Many who stay in an inpatient program—long term or short term—often convert to group counseling after their stay. Having others around you who have sufficed to the same affliction as you is one of the most therapeutic and comprehensive aspects of rehabilitation from things like addictions and alcoholism. These types of group therapy settings are able to reinforce a “community-friendly” atmosphere with like-minded people with like-minded goals—staying clean and sober.

There’s many reasons one would seek treatment but the only deciding factor in choosing to go or not is knowing this key aspect: “Am I ready?” Treatment comes in many forms you see and not all will be the best fit for you, but that is why there is a multitude of options for treatment and help. Knowing that you are ready will “just come” as most say. You will have a moment of reckoning, but just know, there are these options available to you for treatment when the time comes for you to need, want, or take hold of it. Wishing everyone speed in recovery and hope from active addictions these tools are meant to help along side the other varieties of tools listed on this website. We are here to help!

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