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35 reasons Sober is Sexy

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35 [and 1] Reasons Sober is Sexy! Oww Oww!

1) Physical Health Restored!

2) Regain Muscle

3) Your Skin Glows from Sober

4) Life in your Eyes!

5) Bigger Smiles all around

6) Money is Sexy!

7) Fat wallets

8)  Managing savings

9) New Car

10) New House

11) New Look

12) New Things

13) New You!

14) DollaDolla Bills all around!

15) Sober is tough!

16) Discovering hidden talents

17) Mental Strength, Strengthens

18) Spiritual Strength grows

19) Faith in non-reliance

20) Hope for the better

21) Being Comfortable with You

22) Learning the truth about You

23) True self reflection begins

24) Confidence grows from within

25) Learning compassion for yourself

26) Learning compassion for others

27) No drunken texting

28) No drunken phone calls!

29) No more regrets

30) Being fully aware for any situation

31) A regular bedtime!

31) 6-8 hours of REM sleep!

32) Your stable

33) You keep appointments

34) Making active strides for betterment

35) Staying sober means you’re a survivor!

#1    Sober is beautiful for you

Tell your friends why sober is sexy!

>Why do you think being sober is the new gorgeous, and sexy thang’!? Email us your sober story at

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Sober Is Sexy
Sober Is Sexy
Sober Is Sexy
Sober Is Sexy
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