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Sober Addicts Make the Best Students!

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Sober Addicts Make the Best Students...    I bet you’re saying, “You’re kidding me right?” and I’d say, “No I’m not!” It’s true, a sober addict makes the best student! Why you’re asking? Well… there are many reasons, but I’m going to highlight a few for you. You could say we know everything about everything already. Or that could just be confidence; either way it works. We’ve taken a lot of tests… usually. And oh, don’t forget that chemistry class should be an easy one for us, and not to boot math and counting should be a breeze! So here’s some of the top reasons that sober addicts make great students.
  1. We are no stranger to tests! So this one is not meant to be funny, but it’s also true that many addicts have taken an array of tests during their years of using, or clean time. I remember waiting outside the police department waiting for a bunch of friends in our carpool who had just taken a drug test. So, you could say that we are diligent with having to do good on them. I mean a whole month’s worth of practice/studying to stay sober would be a great reason we make great students, while just applying our efforts at academics instead! I know that we definitely don’t crack under pressure, so the nerves of walking into the classroom for the exam are already on our side. We’ve dealt with worse types of exams, trust me! Courtesy of 
  2. Addicts at heart! This one should be pretty self explanatory, but let me break it down for you. So, the addict has this obsession with doing “things” right? I mean, that’s what makes us addicts is that we have an addiction to always doing a particular habit or behavior or substance. So what if we are clean, and trying to do the right thing? It would be safe to say that when I started college I got addicted to doing my homework. I had this constant anxiety surrounding it that if I didn’t complete most of all my homework upfront for the whole semester I’d panic. I was truly addicted to getting good grades. Plus, once I saw that I could get an “A” after all of that hard work, the rest was history. It was like… “Feed me more A’s!” I got this secret infatuation with impressing the teacher, too!
  3. We are good at pleasing our dealers! Man, I was always a teacher’s pet. I was always wanting to people please with the teacher, probably because she had her hand at my addiction’s throat. She controlled what fed my addiction… the grades. So, as you see the comparison to substance abuse, we are always truly rock solid at pleasing our dealers, whether it be a teacher or someone else! We have to have what’s on the other end of it, but at least with school it’s a safe and fulfilling outcome… like a career, or diploma.
  4. The withdrawals are the worst! I know that once I got into going to school on a regular basis I would actually start having fun. Who knew it, right? But, once I was going on a regular basis and I would miss a day I would be put into a state almost like a hangover. It was weird that I literally felt sick for missing. There were all of these expectations that I were holding myself to, and if I missed a single day I’d run into the class the next day screaming at the teacher, “Please forgive me!” until they gave me the instant gratification of an “It’s okay, you’re beating yourself up more than I am!” Then, the shakes and migraines, the anxiety and chills would go away. But, not until… Courtesy of 
  5. Once you are done with it… Recovery is freaking awesome! We all go through things for a reason. That is to say that I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my addiction. I don’t despise my addiction and I don’t despise what it put me through either. I am a better man because of it! Now, that I have gotten through it and I am done with it, there is only going up in life, like recovery! Right? Well, the same thing can be said about school… I went to school and I went to it religiously. I did all of the things that were stated above, and I was the truest form of a sober addict student. But, that’s not to say any of these puns are p(f)unny or bad either. I can say there is a light at the end of all of the hard work with school too! You’re just now starting your life with a solid career and a stable grounding, given to you by that addictive type behavior you had towards education. And it’s definitely safe to say that we wouldn’t be HERE, graduated with a diploma only certain get, if we hadn’t of taken it as serious as we did, anyway!
Now with all of that being said, I can attest to it all. And to show you it does work and recovery truly is possible, I sit here on my last day living in a college town, as a sober student, I couldn’t be happier with the way my college career went. I can definitely say that I’m happy I was addicted to education as well! I’m now sitting, relaxing, ready to graduate Summa Cum Laude (3.65 GPA or better) with five honors or societies to my name (one being tutoring at the collegiate level), and plenty of networking done to through the right professionals where there is no losing in a career for me! Today is a great day my friends, today I can say I was addicted to college, in a good way, and that I’m happily graduating. This is why I write you this, but on another note I write it to inspire you to go out there and find what fulfills your mind in a healthy way too! Whether it be education or just reading a book, education is how we create awareness… without awareness I would have no recovery.

Today I am blessed. Today I am a University Alumni. Today I start the career of my dreams. And today it is possible because recovery is possible!

To share an addiction story or an addiction recovery story of your own with us and our friends please go ----> "HERE"  We all love to be inspired! So let the world hear it!
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