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Her Love for Me Makes Life Go on…

healing her hope hopeful life live living love loving recovery serene serenity she soul soulful

The wind rains like a weeping willow and she stands under the moonlight storm in effortless beauty. I can’t help but want for a kiss. Just one kiss.

Who is she? She’s the window I open and a river flow with endless possibilities to our eternal happiness. She is the rediscovered me. And I? I am home.

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She takes me by the hand, out into the softly calming water pour, down from the heavens, into our lives. What awaits? I don’t know, but with Serenity by my side I’d do anything to survive…

You can see it in the way she looks at me. It’s like trying was a foreign dimension, one that’s not needed to know the truth. It just is, and we just are. She knows me and with her I know how to live again.

There is no punishment, no pain with glory be reigned by the divine Serenity she holds by nature, by name. No need to fulfill a hunger that tore my life to shreds. She fills the whole inside me, and gives me rest for my head.

Where I met her, does not matter. It’s the how and why that are truly amazing and never forgotten. As I used to be in qualms, she put a rest to the storm and turned it into a nice life that we both can adore.

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So, how did she do it? You may ask. But telling how heaven grants us an angel every so often would be too easy of an answer to underestimate. So remember, life will grant you a pass. Take it with stride, and never let the good times be for granted, and love without rest. Just like her; Serenity.

You make life go on, and not many more words need to be said. For if I said too much, it’d be a waste and defray to true loves love, prosperity, and honorable health. So I say this, and leave it short for respect. That nothing you’ve done has gone unnoticed, you’re always in my heart, God bless.

I love you completely, my sweet serenity.

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