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My Wife's Recovery Story...

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"When you feel you are alone, pray. This past few weeks has been rough not only for me but also for Brian.

I went to Yoga Class for a month and it really helped me. I’m afraid to say I’ve been through depression with everything that’s going on with my life, I wanted to be free and just run away and forget everything.

I may sound selfish but when you feel alone, no one’s there for you that nothing makes you happy anymore and you forget to take care of yourself you only worry about what matters in your life.

(Today at the Cider Mill. 10/08/2018)

I almost gave up our marriage because of my selfishness but he was there for me through everything. He once showed up at my work bringing me flowers and stayed until I got out. We talked about how we can motivate and inspires each other. How we dreamt our lives together.

The next day at work someone gave me this prayers little book and I realized maybe God is saying something to me maybe I never pray anymore, I know he’s there guiding me. I know he will not let anything bad happen to me and he’s there to listen even you don’t see him.

The pain went away, I was calm and able to control my emotions and just live in the present.

My life is not that bad at all, I have my family here and family back home whom I missed so much. I have my loving husband who’s always in my shoulders.

When you feel you’re alone just pray. "

From my wife to all of us...

Got permission to pull this from her personal facebook. Thank God she is so honest. I couldn't be more proud of you Patricia!

Please remember that we all struggle! But love is worth fighting for. Life is worth living. And pain is something we all deal with! 
What matters most is how we deal with our pain. 

In his name. I pray, amen.

Ps. I love you (Brian McCollom in recovery since Christmas 2010)

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