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Recovery Clothing Donation Pt. 1 [Video]

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Video of The Discovery House Youth inpatients receiving donation of our recovery clothes at bottom of article:


My Reason:

Ever wondered why I chose to live my life in recovery helping others and not just choose a 9-5 job, but instead work my butt off knowing others will benefit even if I'm tired?

Why do I sell/donate recovery tees? or participate in National Recovery Month? or run deals where I'm not making zip on a tee, but find other ways to spread the message?

Why is it so important to hit someone getting clean and sober right through the doors of treatment? Why is it important to target our youth and end the stigma young?

Well... if you saw the smile in these youth's faces after we saved 2 months of your, yes YOUR, donations for last month which was National Recovery Month to send to The Discovery House in Roseda, California for #youth in residential treatment!

The results are astounding, when you think you'd get backlash because a lot come in being about a different lifestyle... but seriously just wait and see... you'd never expect that reaction! So cool!

To make your donation to our recovery program go to --------->…/clothe-4-recovery-project

ere's the video of the youth receiving the donation below:

DONATION DONATION    Recovery Clothing Donation Pt. 1 [Video]    logo=

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