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Let's keep it short and sweet! Which is what I can't seem to do when I start talking. I do a lot of talking, but, I've been told that it 'works for me.' Especially when people who struggle from addiction are already incredibly intelligent people and sometimes our minds are our own worst enemy! But don't let that fool you. If honed in the right way, we can do incredible things with our voices.

This is exactly why I am bringing my voice to a different platform, on a more regular basis!I feel that once you've visited my site enough you understand that I love to write. I have 4 publications on my site ranging from 175 pages to 300+ pages. I also have nearly 600 blogs about my journey through many types of recovery, all on this site! And with any good thing, there needs to be advancements and progression. Which is also why I public speaking!

Not only have I launched a public speaking platform--which you can see the video for below--but I'll be chronicling my journey via YouTube, too! Although that does NOT mean that the writing will be going away. I'll try to satisfy all recovery platforms I put out there; hint* as our Instagram is a huge source of influence for pictures ending the stigma too!

But just in case. Please click ----> "HERE" <---- to go to the SFY YouTube channel and press subscribe and watch any video that you feel will help you! And please share the knowledge because we know that education is important but is only possible through sharing awareness together!

So for a glance, check out my YouTube video on the public speaking platform I discussed above, in the video down below! You can also click any of the words that say "YouTube" to redirect to the channel and subscribe to the channel. And for a fact, most of the hyperlinks on our site you see, do redirect to our meaningful pathways. Like the words "Instagram" above too! By satisfying all platforms I'm going to be trying to get a blog for each YouTube video breaking down my feelings in ways you can connect in multiple ways. As we all heal and cope in different ways, I hope to connect with everyone in a very meaningful and recovery effective, empathetically healing way.

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