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I’ve met so many people, from so many different backgrounds, countries, families, genders, ages, and I have to say that one remaining fact is true: “Sober moms have made the recovery movement what it is.” And this… this is a story of a sober mom that has forever changed and saved my life. God bless you MaryBeth!



All journey’s matter in the recovery movement, but the one that holds truest to my own heart is about sober moms, and one sober mom in particular for this article. I know that my own mom isn’t sober, but she isn’t struggling either. But it’s also safe to say that when I was struggling the hardest my mom did stay sober too.

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When I had some clean time under my belt and started to have some stressors and triggers within my lifestyle, not just addiction, I looked to the recovery community for help and guidance when I thought that no one else understood.

On my journey I found a mother who had recently lost her son to a heroin overdose. But she was truly devoted to the sober cause.

At this time in my life I was simply writing books, and of that, my memoirs on addiction and early recovery. My business at that time was called “Your Inner Addict” and it solely revolved around my efforts to gain recovery while writing my memoir “ILLICIT: Life in the Eyes of an Addict.”

At this point in my life I was nothing more than a struggling author, but to be more true, a struggling addict. But, there was one thing I told myself that I knew would make it all better:

"If I helped just one person my life would be complete and my journey on recovery road could truly begin."
-Brian McCollom

So, I pushed on with ILLICIT, and to my unbeknownst self, it became a cult original for memoirs, occult and spirituality, and even an Amazon best seller. And then... the comments from one group in particular came flooding in and I mean absolutely poured in.

The first to comment on my journey, amongst the many, was the mother I had told you about, MaryBeth. Remember? The mother who had recently lost her son to a heroin overdose. And yes, my drug of choice was heroin too.

But, I remember truthfully and honestly that my life was near enlightenment when I heard the comment she left after reading my first book. In her comments she said, and I quote:

“Now I finally know what my son felt before he died. Thank you for your honesty, thank you for not sugar coating this horrible disease, and thank you for showing that recovery is possible.”

I remember that MaryBeth was so lost until she met me, but I think the person who was really saved then was me. She'd never known what it was like to be an addict, but by God, she was a sober mom! And for all of her efforts, I think the satisfaction truly sunk in when I told her that it's my story but thousands more are struggling the same way. 

So, I reached out to MaryBeth and decided to add her to all of my personal accounts on social media and to exchange phone numbers to keep things more personal between us. You could just feel the electric connection between "sober mom" and recovering person.

And now, to this day it’s safe to say that MaryBeth and I have weekly, if not every few days, worthwhile conversations about life, memories (future and past), and recovery.

MaryBeth and I do special talks to remember her son, we get her story out on the web (see it here). We donate to treatment centers together, we clothe the homeless together, I send her pictures of my wedding and life with my wife, she buys the books I've written and gives them to local shelters, too. She says, "Everyone needs to know this! Addict or not!" She even buys shirts and gives them to all of her family, friends, and mother’s in Al-Anon, while her favorite place to donate to is the treatment center her son was in before he passed. Heck! She even funded my sequel to ILLICIT with a gracious donation for nothing more than to “help the recovery movement” she said.

If I hadn’t of met MaryBeth, I think I’d of still been stuck in the same rut that I was in while I was “trying” to get ILLICIT out there. She not only helped move the recovery movement forward, but she helped make me into the man that I am today by being a sober mom that I can rely on every second of every day!

Truth be told? There are so many other sober moms out there that are doing the same thing for other recovery related causes that the truth about sober moms should be heard. So I urge you if you're a sober mom to speak up for what you believe in… YOU DO MAKE A HUGE IMPACT AND DIFFERENCE!

Sober moms need to unite, because if people like MaryBeth can do what they did on a small scale for the world, but huge to me by helping me create Substance For You, by herself and make such an impact in-directly to hundreds of thousands of people by helping me form this great organization and keep me sober one more day, every day? Then what could be the power of uniting sober moms around their county, state, nation, or world? There would be a drop is overdoses and so much awareness that the whole world would know what to do if certain life or death situations were to arise! It would be just what this movement needs!

It’s not such of a farfetched idea to think that sober moms are an invaluable tool and support for this recovery movement. So we need to find all of them, and yes I mean every single one of you! And unite!

This article is a search, in hopes that once you share this, you may use this as a platform to comment back and forth to each other and say, “Hey, I’m a sober mom… how can we help each other?”

Why? Well, because maybe the next part in this movement isn’t some government led judicial legislation… maybe it’s a sober mom giving her advice and wisdom to help another sober mom’s husband, son, or daughter, out of an addiction that could lead to an overdose, in return saving lives and kicking this recovery movement into a gear that most DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE!

I see you sober moms. I SEE YOU LOUD AND CLEAR SO, HERE. WE. GO!

FOR YOUR SOBER MOM 4 LIFE TEE FIND IT "HERE" or click the image of the shirt to redirect for yours, and send in a picture wearing for all of our social media to empower the world! (Found below…) And then the next step is to ——>

Email me at if you’d like to share your sober mom journey, or have a family member you can, and are legally able to, speak on their behalf for. (Consent first my friends!)

On a closing thought I’d like to take a moment of silence after you read this for this still suffering in and out of addictions and to those we’ve lost, we love you very much.

God bless MaryBeth, you are the sober mom that has saved my life more times than you know. R.I.P Matthew. Amen, may you never, EVER be forgotten!

TO BE CONTINUED… (This is a series, and will continue when more sober moms send in their articles, and when I write more about more sober moms who’ve changed my life forever…)

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  • Amiee on

    I lost my 15 year old daughter and 35 year old husband this past year to Heroin overdoses, my whole family wiped out , im the only one left, with just memories, terrible to live this way, i wish i could bring them back

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