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How to Give The Right Kind of F***s

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Plenty of real people love the real you! So while you may miss old places, faces, and things, there is a reason that we don't revisit those times in our life. You should never risk your life in order to make someone love anything other than the most authentic version of you!

Living with conditions is exactly like living on borrowed time. And the rent you provide those conditions in your head are being paid by one person: YOU.

You're paying interest while paying rent on conditional love, with your life! While there are people who love you unconditionally; just like you should love yourself too.

And sometimes the debt can never be repaid.

In life, you're not meant to fit in within certain people and areas of the World. That is for a very good reason!

Don't sacrifice your true beauty when the people depending on you and your reality are left discerned and scorned with the consequences that come through living life in a #CNN era.

The most powerful tool towards self worth is telling others no, especially when it involves sacrificing any portion of your mind, body, and soul. You don't need to please anyone else through living life through forced situations.

You are loved more than you'll ever know, just the way you are! This is one of the most amazing parts of living a life that you deserve.

While the unknown is the most feared part of life too. Those who have succeeded in any essence of where you wish to be provide a good picture that your version is adaptable and available as long as you stay diligent and confident in yourself! 

There is no right way. But there is a right way for you!

The end result of putting the real me out there and taking a leap of faith I met my wife soon after. While she said, "I love you," for the first time after reading my memoir containing some seriously damaging material; while I could've hid in it. Instead I embraced it and am living the life of my dreams because I am loved for who I am. 

While hiding the truth could've cost me all of the happiness and freedom I am now experiencing! Taking that leap of faith was the most valuable investment I ever made. And it started with giving the right F#@$'s about myself and kicking out the unwanted tenants in my head; which took the fog off the mirror looking back at my beautiful soul...

"I love you because of how strong you are today, going through what you did, and living as such a strong and true man today!"

I now know that if I never gave the World "Brian's Truth" than my 'true love' would've never fell in love with the real me in the first place... 

As we continue to fall in love over with every breath we take and every beat of our hearts!

So remember...

**By never giving up and being truthful about EVERYTHING in MY LIFE, was and is, suchhhhh an authentic turn on to people we deserve and people that deserve THAT VERSION of ourselves! The vibes that LIVING YOUR TRUTH sends the world are irreplaceable; just like you!**

Finally finishing with some F%$@ words will really effing* help. Excuse my much needed profanity!

There is a difference between not giving a F$#$ and to giving F@#$'s for the right reason...

The best reason to give a F#@$ IS YOU!

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