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The "Recovery Is Everyone" Campaign

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How to:

1. Find, collect, or take up to three photos of a person, item, idea, book, song, band, or concept (etc.) that has aided you or a loved one in recovery, and encouraged you to join the movement.

2. Put in the caption why this has aided in your or someone else's recovery--whatever recovery type it is.

3. Hashtag #RecoveryIsForEveryone and Tag @SubstanceForYou on any social media platform

What to Expect:

1. We will repost up to three of your photos on our Substance For You pages, as well as affiliate pages to prove that recovery is possible for anyone.


1. To show that recovery is not just for those in it, but for everyone.

2. Each story is a different coping mechanism to use in your recovery tool box.

3. To show what works for you so that those viewing the photos can use these same tools, objects, people, music, books (etc) or techniques to help them or a loved one advance in their recovery.

4. Proof that recovery is universal.  We accept stories from all recovery types not just substance use!

Who it Will Reach:

1. Amongst our millions of views per month to social media for Substance For You and affiliates this will be intended to reach everyone! 

2. Intended to be a continuous campaign and never have an ending point as recovery is a journey not a destination! 


1. To reach a longer story and all photos to an even larger audience get your journey featured on our site under the "Confessions" portion of our blog!

2. Submit to SUBSTANCEFORYOU@GMAIL.COM your story between 750-1250 words with photos attached.


I started this campaign because I live by the motto that recovery isn't just for those in it. Recovery is for everybody!


I am personally a person in long term recovery from substance use disorder. I now have 6.5 years and know that I had to make a choice that I personally wanted my recovery. So, at first, I chose to get into recovery. But once I was willing, there were others that were wanting to help me. Or, on the other hand, there were things that inspired my recovery, or items, celebrities, or even things like books that helped me on my way.

courtesy of Bring ME The HorizonI've had many people help me along my way. And most recently I find what holds most true to the way I feel about this situation comes from a band leader and singer, Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon. So my first post will be dedicated to Oliver Sykes and his recovery from Ketamine and the album he himself dedicated to mental health and addictions recovery. So, as you see the campaign doesn't have to be someone you know personally.

Now, if we are talking about people we know personally I am dedicating my second photo to my wife who has dedicated her life to sobriety and helping Substance For You because of my recovery. She met me and we immediately fell in love, and she knew, "I have to stay sober for both of us." And this is something that many families in recovery do, although my wife is not in recovery herself. So, this shows again that recovery is for everyone, not just those in it. Because somehow, someway--whether we are just a neighbor or school teacher--we are all in this and need to rise together. 

So if you think about this in a natural sense I could very well call the campaign "Dedicated Me." Why? Because I'm encouraging people send in photos, but not of themselves, but of those things or other people who've somehow helped you in recovery, or if you're family, how you've helped someone else's recovery. Remember it's for everyone.

Don't let this dissuade you if you're not in substance abuse recovery because we also hold this campaign for ANY type of recovery. Whether it be watching too much TV, playing video games, eating disorders, mental health, body dysmorphia, self-harm, or substance use, we accept stories of ALL recoveries. Because I myself have suffered from more than just substance use in my life, and am currently battling a life filled with anxiety. You'll see photos on that too! Not to mention our extensive mental health section of our blog!courtesy of Beartooth

Heck, I'm going to submit some of my favorite books, and keep putting up some great bands that influence me when I write too. Because I know I wouldn't be here writing to you if I hadn't read something inspirational first, and am currently jamming something else to keep me focused, engaged, and not to mention, intriguing!

And hey! If you want to submit more than just a photo and caption for someone, please submit a story around 750-1250 words (give or take a couple hundred) with the photo to our email: SUBSTANCEFORYOU@GMAIL.COM and we will put it on our "Confessions" portion of our blog for you to share in eternity!


Please include hash tag #RecoveryIsForEveryone in the post, tag @SubstanceForYou and the caption you want... or send it to us directly! But we REALLY encourage you to post it first so others join along. Again, remember? Recovery is for everyone! 

And if you're like me you'll definitely include a photo of your momma like I am, in the up to THREE allowed photos! Sheesh! God bless my mother's soul for breaking down and falling apart the day I told her I relapsed Christmas Eve 2010 or my clean date wouldn't be Christmas. Or the time's she cleaned out my stash of needles while I was in rehab; not mentioning the blood on the walls. Or when she'd rush me to the emergency room for becoming suicidal. Or the time she sat with me during a spinal tap because my eating disorder had gotten so bad. Damn. God bless you momma! NOW DO YOU SEE? Recovery isn't just about you, or me... it's about everybody!

I love you mom. Thanks pops. 

So what, who, when, where inspires you to join recovery if you're in it... or not?!

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