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Wife Said "I Love You" When Finds Out I'm in Recovery!

Brian McCollom beauty and the beast founder healing heart hope marriage married patricia serenity serenity prayer soul sweet wife

She's the air in my lungs,
The blood in my veins,
The love in my heart,
And a reason to give life a new start!
She leaves my knees weak,
Gives my life strength,
Yearns me a purpose,
And let's me love her unconditionally!
She is a beauty,
I've always felt like a beast,
But together,
She brought me to humility.
And I learned something I never thought I would,
That there's always a reason to get better,
A reason for truth,
A person who will love you,
And be your Belle of the ball...

She is simply my woman that makes me feel like I have it all!
My love,
My honey,
My baby,
And sweet, sweet serenity!
And this video she says that the moment she fell in love with me was seeing how I came from the worst part in my life and became the strong man she sees today. But if you truly want to hear why she's spending the rest of her life with me, how recovery is possible, and a stunning dedication to her from me (Brian/Founder her husband), than please watch this loving video I made for her---->


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