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Get your photo, bio, mission statement, and link to how we can find you as appreciation for helping those in need! Find out --->
If you support a better way of life, are looking for one, or helping others find theirs then this page is for you to stand up with pride and show support for the Recovery Movement and Substance For You Community!
We are all trying to find one common source with telling our stories. That is a sense of betterment! The only way to do that is to truly help each other. 
If you or your brand support our mission and those trying to better themselves then please ask us how to join this community and show others your mission so we can heal together and share stories! Whether you are personally in recovery or just wish to help the world, remember that we are all going through some humanly struggle to be able to empathetically connect and help each other! Family recovery, those who support recovery, and individuals are all welcome!
We accept individual advocates, brand advocates, or groups! All are welcome, so please inquire at "SubstanceForYou@gmail.com" on how to get your photo, bio/mission statement, and a link to where others can find you to use your experience strength and hope! 




Helios Recovery Support Services is a consultation and training company working to inspire and support leaders in substance use and mental health recovery.

Jesse Heffernan, owner and professional recovery coach works to create meaningful and positive change through innovative solutions to complex community and individual needs.  He attended the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy in June 2014 and has trained over 90 coaches statewide in WI. He has lead numerous recovery capital development planning sessions, and helped coach individuals and families in creating recovery plans and linkages to services. He currently sits on advisory boards for RISE TOGETHER, WI Voices for Recovery, and co-created the 1 Million Mohawks for Mental Health Awareness campaign Other initiatives include implementing Wisconsin’s first Recovery Coach AmeriCorps program call Recovery Corps. 

Training opportunities offered by Helios: 

  • Origin Story Keynote: From Surviving Trauma to Thriving in Recovery
  • LGBT & Addiction for Providers
  • Addressing Issues of Cultural Humility
  • Intro to Servant Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Development & Coaching




One Rep At a Time’s founder Marv, is 31 years old and has been in long-term recovery since June 22, 2013. He has over a decade worth of experience with all things fitness, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science.

One Rep At a Time – “Fitness Through a Recovery Mindset” – is geared towards blending all things fitness and health with anyone looking for lifestyle betterment. When you feel good physically, you tend to be sharper mentally, which allows you to become more spiritually empowered and holistically free. Make fitness a part of your lifestyle process today at "ONE REP AT A TIME" <---- Click here.

Nutrition Hierarchy: https://onerepatatime.net/nutrition-programming/
Custom Workouts/Online Training: https://onerepatatime.net/customized-routine-creation/
Private Personal Training in San Diego, CA:  https://onerepatatime.net/private-personal-training/

Recovery Art Studio sponsors the Recovery Art Movement. We educate, encourage and empower Recovery Art Warriors (RAW) to create their dreams and reclaim their light through the healing power of art. We are a social media recovery influencer breaking the stigma and inspiring hope through healing. RAW are recovering from #MeToo, Addiction, are gender neutral and need not have prior artistic experience. 

Robin M. Gilliam is the founder and Director of Recovery Art Studio. She began her recovery journey on 2/6/91 after surviving a crack cocaine overdose and escaping a violent marriage that ended in rape/sexual abuse. She has documented her #MeToo recovery journey in her RAW novel, Gift of Desperation, which features over 40 pieces of her artwork. Robin received her bachelors in fine arts and psychology from Goucher College, 1984.  VISIT RECOVERY ART STUDIO. 



Jeanne is a mental health advocate, certified addiction counsellor, somatic recovery coach, and recovery specialist with over a decade serving individuals and families in the Toronto area, across the globe, and online.

Her own struggles with the nature of addiction and years spent navigating the mental health care system as an advocate for her child has enabled her to become a change agent and a mentor in transformation for others.

Witnessing gaps in the system and how a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery fails too many people, she became passionate about synthesizing information—and clearing up the misinformation—about how individuals can achieve sustainable recovery, regardless of the approach they take.

She created The Recovery Concierge because she saw that not all recovery services are timely, efficient, or effective at producing long-term, sustainable change.

Find out more about the Recovery Concierge here:  

GENERAL SITE-- https://therecoveryconcierge.com/ 
ABOUT US-- https://therecoveryconcierge.com/about-us/
SERVICES-- https://therecoveryconcierge.com/services/
FREE RECOVERY TOOLKIT-- https://therecoveryconcierge.com/daily-practice/
GENERAL BLOG-- https://therecoveryconcierge.com/general-blog/