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One way or another everyone is overcoming a life struggle. A lot of people struggle with a lot of different things, and the Substance For You motto is that "Recovery is for Everyone! (click to see campaign)

But, what we are best with at Substance For You and our partnered, trusted affiliates, is empowering positive lifestyle betterment through proven lifestyle experiences!

Whether it be best selling memoirs, building enormous recovery communities, training positive and sensitive languages to end the stigma, picking up someone when they are down, showing the power of positive coping and multiple pathways of betterment and recovery, amongst combined decades of experience, strength, and hope, WE HAVE YOUR BACK!

So please! Sign up for a consultation, used as a non-refundable down payment towards bringing our team, or single members, to wherever, and whomever to empower however suits you and those you love the most, the best!



Once information is submitted, form and consultation of up to a first time maximum 45-minute walk through, and processed we will reach out to you to set up a time to talk options of bringing our team members to you with the information provided.

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Bachelor's of Science, Cum Laude in Social Justice and Substance Abuse
Education is the key to awareness which through the spirituality against pain breeds change.

With over seven years (7+) as a person living life in long term recovery the lifestyle change has been one of the hardest, but most rewarding things that I've ever done. While not only rewarding, the difficult times are what not only changed, but, saved my life. I live by the motto that the hardest parts in life are what turn the good times into great ones! As I still work on myself I learn to cherish and hold close the things that I do have and try to not fret about what I don't; as everything is in my life today for a reason, as well as everything that is not in my life, is not in it for a reason as well.

I may not get what I want when I want it. But, I will get what I need, when the lesson needs to be learnt. And that is the hope, experience, and strength I wish to pass on to the World, and those find the love, willingness, and open-mindedness to bring myself (and my team) to you for a multitude of empowerment. As my life started in advocacy with a highly un-sugar coated, raw, and revealing internationally renown, best selling memoir, ILLICIT: Life in the eyes of an addict; that has turned 4 total publications to date chronicling PTSD, night terrors, mental illness, early recovery, occult, homelessness, OCD, drug induced and withdrawal symptoms, bullying, self-medication, sexploitation, manipulation, lying, stealing, cheating, and much more that I am proud to share a redemption story today of overcoming. Of which, my overcoming brings power as well as peace to those who not only hear it but take what I give in story telling and a learnable format for implementation in their life of what may have worked for me, could work for them. As I'm proud to be the role model for the recovery movement, an honored top ranked story teller, and honest to the core genuine soul looking to spread empathetic connection because of a great fact: "I wish I had me today, seven years ago. I wish I had these programs I've developed. I just wish I knew..."

I've taught and shown my story to millions of views while I am professionally and truly influential in betterment, recovery, and empowerment branding, community building, SEO, analytical reporting, and social media prowess as well as a growth structure that is unlike ANY OTHER IN THE WORLD. Truly garnering tens of millions of impressions for close to (if not over) 50 recovery start ups, or already successful brands, non-profits, philanthropy organizations, and not holding back to show accomplishments with TOP FORBES CLIENTS as well! To boot, ranging a combined over 200,000 social media followers amongst my many own accounts and millions of monthly views truly spreading a message you NEED to get behind and help us help you!


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For more on my successes and public notoriety, please view below. Also head over to our "SHOP" by clicking, and viewing each piece of anti-stigma merchandise inspired by a life lesson I learned, all of my publications here, and browse and share any of my 600+ blogs amongst all other pages like empowerment and who advocates and sponsors us on our ADVOCATE WITH US page, too!

Amen and may love always guide you.


1. Brian at the War on Drugs Keynote at Central Michigan University! Filled a Division One University Main and largest auditorium on a campus of 26,000 students!  "ARTICLE" 

2. Founder Brian McCollom adressing the newest Central Michigan University Division One Substance Abuse Program, and its importance towards awareness and story telling! Front page news! "ARTICLE" 

3. Brian with (r-to-l) Dean of Sociology, AKD Faculty Advisor, Soc. Department head during AKD Induction Ceremony last night in Mt. Pleasant receiving multiple high level academic honors and excelling in awareness with Dean recognition!

4. Hosting a SOBER ST. PATTY'S DAY with Substance For You lifestyle empowerment through open mic night at the admission and home building at Central Michigan University!

5. Introducing the inception of Substance For You and how to build a sustainable community and be an entrepreneur while in college to the Criminal Justice Society at Central Michigan University!


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Jesse Heffernan is a Recovery Coach & consultant with long term substance use and mental health recovery. As a Servant Leader, Program Director and Community Net worker he works to create a meaningful and positive change through innovative solutions to complex community and individual needs.

His early recovery service consisted of helping coordinate local activities, statewide conventions, bringing recovery meetings into jails and institutions and create / co-facilitate the first youth specific recovery support group in NE WI. He attended the Fox Valley technical school to pursue a career in graphic design and marketing which opened the doors into new areas of service opportunities with AmeriCorps.

During 2006 - 2007 he worked as an AmeriCorps Volunteer for WI Assoc. of Homeless and Runaway youth services. His role consisted of presenting to youth on the dangers of running away and what resources are available to assist in de-escalating crisis, conduct street level direct services, and outreach.

In 2006 to 2015 he worked as the Harmony Café Program Director (a former program of Goodwill NCW) where he was responsible for facilitation of weekly LGBT Partnership support and leadership development groups serving youth 14-18. This included providing R-Group (resiliency group) safer sex education and HIV/AIDS/STI awareness prevention module training.  Other programs in the Partnership consisted of harm reduction and safety planning around drugs and alcohol, metal health support, pregnancy and bullying prevention. At Harmony, he crafted and delivered innovative LGBT and Diversity Cultural Intelligence training programs to youth serving organizations, such as high school staff and administration, college classes, and community leaders. In 2009 he worked with a state-wide HIV / AIDS collaborative to address HIV outbreak in the Appleton, WI through barrier distribution and strategic testing sites. 

In 2017 he worked as the Director of the Iris Place Peer Run Mental Heath Respite and as the National Outreach & Empowerment Coordinator for Faces & Voices of Recovery.

He attended the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy in June 2014 and has trained over 90 coaches statewide in WI. In his coaching and consultation business, Helios Recovery, he lead numerous recovery capital development planning sessions, and helped coach individuals and families in creating recovery plans and linkages to services. He currently sits on advisory boards for RISE TOGETHER, WI Voices for Recovery, co-created the 1 Million Mohawks for Mental Health Awareness campaign, and serves as an appointed member of the WI Governors State Opiate/Heroin Task Force. Other initiatives include implementing Wisconsin’s first Recovery Coach AmeriCorps program call Recovery Corps,

He lives in WI with his wife and 4 children, enjoying all things in geek culture, disc golf and coffee. It is his belief that Recovery is a process of moving from surviving to thriving as a whole person.

Past Speaking Engagements:

  • 2015 - Fox Valley Substance Abuse Awareness Event - Keynote / Emcee
  • 2016 -  Thriving in Recovery Awareness Day – Surviving Trauma to Thriving in Recovery
  • 2016 - Cultural Considerations and Issues Faced by LGBTQ Individuals
  • 2016 - Stop Heroin NOW Rally – Keynote Speaker
  • 2016 - 12th Annual Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery Training Conference - A Provider’s Introduction to Substance Use Treatment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Individuals
  • 2016 - JOSHUA 12th Annual Banquet – Keynote Speaker Personal Recovery Story
  • 2017 - Substance Use – Its Every Bodies Business - Personal Story/Recovery Coaching
  • 2017 - Adolescent Health Symposium - Addressing Issues of Cultural Humility
  • 2017 - WI Sate Wide Recovery Rally – Emcee & Speaker
  • 2017 - Launch Wisconsin 2017 – Creating the 1 Million Mohawks for Mental Health Awareness Campaign




Sign up for a consultation with me, Brian McCollom the founder, and my team here ---->