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Anti-Stigma Music!

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Anti-Stigma Music!


Music has saved my life in many ways, many times. I once had the chance to attend Berkley on scholarship and follow in the footsteps of some of my favorites; Like Mike Portnoy, formerly Dream Theater. But, my addictions got in the way and I took a few years off. Soon finishing up a Bachelor's Degree in Science, Cum Laude (6 international honor societies, many news appearances, keynote speeches on drug policy, and the start of this outreach program). My focus became a life on my major: Social Justice, and my minor: Substance Abuse. Upon finding myself I realized that the urge for drugs faded but many other troubles became very apparent. And through each struggle I had found that many artists I looked up to were sharing the same passion for speaking out on struggle. Which when I was feeling able body and minded I reached out and affiliated with some of the one's that inspired me and am now launching our official anti-stigma music program!

Our band name will be called "Maladies" in reference for its synonymous meaning towards ailments in search of betterment from and its commonality in speech to the word "Melody."  

Frank Bartnicke (2/2018-Current): Lead Guitars, Lead Bass, Production

Education: Graduate of The Musicians Institute (Hollywood, CA)

Specialty Areas, Professional Study and Focus:

  • Music Theory
  • Prog Rock
  • Jazz
  • Fingerboard Harmony


  • Rush (Fav. Album: Hemispheres. Fav Song: La Vila Strangiato)
  • John Petrucci (Dream Theater & Liquid Tensions Experiment)
  • Steve Vai
  • Zappa (Favorite Album: Zoot Allures)
  • Allan Holdsworth 
  • YES (Steve Howe)
  • Animals as Leaders (Tony Abasi)
  • Slayer
  • King Crimson

Relatable Genres:

  • Prog rock
  • Math Rock
  • Heavy Metal
  • Jazz Fusion

Mini-Bio: Technical training and multi-faceted influences through a professional degree (Music Institute, Hollywood CA). Frank’s parents put a guitar in his hands at the age of eight and has been playing professionally for over 41-years. He had an early fascination with music theory and the construction of how music worked on many levels.


Music and musicians can get caught up in the sense of ego versus passion. But Frank’s belief is that there is no greater feeling than bringing, powerfully and meaningfully created music, and ideals, to any group of people. Music is one of the most meaningful forms of empathetic connection. With putting his heart, soul, love, training, and life essence into every lick of the guitar and structure of song, it’s not just a creation of something for him but an added aspect of healing to the world. 





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