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Build a Recovery Community

Substance For You

Build a Recovery Community


How to:

1) Pick which type of account you want worked on
2) Pick amount you want
3) We will email you once submitted and start ASAP

How It's Done:

1) Our owner has been a professional social media strategist and growth expert for nearly 5 years helping dozens in recovery, but also fortune 500 companies, Forbes entrepreneurs, and even outside the recovery realm
2) Your community will be grown the same way we grow Substance For You for quality assurances!



1) You spread a message of your own recovery path that we do not, but may not know how to or be able to grow a larger audience that NEEDS to hear your story. We simply want to build collaborative communities that can talk between each other and recover together!

Comes With:

1) Posting schedule. Best Times to post for engagement
2) How to construct a proper and clean post to engage
3) Proper hashtags for your niche audience
4) How to Geo-Tag for up to 33% more engagement
5) And how to create those cool memes or advertising pics you see online!
6) Not to mention the followers!



For most of you visiting our site you've probably came from, or seen, our huge social media following that generates a great community and friendship among those in recovery. Not to mention great for recovery brands who need a boost in SEO and Google scores!

We are blessed to have 50,000 Instagram followers, 75,000 Twitter followers, and 10,000 Facebook followers. That helps get you all here and stay connected with one another. But, those are just our business accounts. There has been many more that we've been blessed to work on and get our owner endorsed for his professional social media growth and management skills.

The key here being that you can share a message that we cannot, but if you can't reach your audience how can we connect and help each other recover? And that's where this plays a key role in advancing the recovery movement since nearly everyone is on their phone or computer browsing social sites. And with our owner, Brian, being professionally trained in this, it's a win win if we can work together in getting your message out there.

We can send you things like a posting schedule so you know when are the best times to reach a larger audience. We can send you how to construct a proper post so it doesn't look jumbled. Give you info. on how to Geo-tag your posts for up to 33% more engagement, especially near you. And a list of proper hash tags to meet your niche audience. We can even teach you how to make those sweet memes or advertising posts you see on a lot of stellar accounts like ours!

Not to mention, here's a long list of people we've already grown and have gotten solid endorsements from:


@SubstanceForYou – 49,500
@YourInnerAddict - 1,183
@SingleandSober - 10,350
@LiQCovery - 10,700
@RecoveryTodayMag - 15,700
@SerenityVista - 22,000
@SoberCityUSA - 7,841
@SeaversRacing - 12,400
@BrianMcCollom (Personal) - 16,100
@MyLifeSupportGroup - 8,117
@HeroesRisingMovie - 4,479
@RecoveryTodaySeries - 6,000 
@Party.0 – 3600
@InternationalRecoveryAdvocates – 8500
@OneRepataTime_ - 8600
@SoberSuccessPodcast – 2000
@BocaRecoveryCenter – 4390
@AntFarmMedia – 1200


@NotVoiceless 49,200 (our newest mental health brand)
@YourInnerAddict - 40,300
@SubstanceforYou - 76,600
@SerenityVista - 41,400
@SoberCityUSA - 14,400
@Recovery2daymag - 5,562
@LiQCovery - 8,803
@SingleandSober1 - 10,700
@DBlox - 3,379
@OneRepAtATime_   - 9,062
@ConnectRecvry - 15,200
@SFYBrian - 8,709
@ManageYrRecovry - 6,104
@SeaversRacing - 10,200
@mslgcom - 6,500

Also offering Facebook consulting to get around those silly algorithms!

When selecting an amount you'd like to start with, after seeing these are all 100% real engaged, legitimate users--heck you probably came from one of these--we will take the email you put on file to contact you on what the next step to starting are so we can build a healthy recovery community where we all can learn from each other and grow together!

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