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How to get involved: Two simple steps

  1.  Pick an $amount$ from the list and proceed to "checkout" to submit then...
  2.  We donate AS SOON as we hit enough for bulk shipping because,
  3. That way everyone at the center gets one!
  4. It has been as often as every week, every month, or bi-monthly but no longer or I'll personally fit the rest of the bill!

Who it impacts

  1. We donate sober/clean/recovery/anti-stigma clothes to folks in treatment or sober living who may not have clothes, youth centers, outreach centers, homeless shelters, and prevention programs of all sorts (not just sober/clean!)
  2. REMEMBER: There are 129 overdoses every day (2017 Data). We can end the shame and stigma with your help!
  3. Oh yeah!!! The clothing is donated directly from our shops world renown selection!!!


    And this is why I do this... #RIP MaryBeth 

    "OUR" STORY:

    "I met a mother, her name is Mary Beth. She has completely changed my life through her story. She is the owner of A Beautiful Mess Foundation. This is where she speaks out against addiction, and especially overdosing. MaryBeth has specific knowledge on what this is like because her mid 20’s son started abusing heroin and other painkillers in his youth. Unfortunately, MaryBeth lost her son to an overdose of alcohol and fentanyl laced heroin after his last stint in rehab. He was living in an unsafe “sober” living home, and by the time MaryBeth got the call from him, it was too late. With this in mind, we want to prevent overdoses for good! MaryBeth and her story is the pivotal reason we started this program, because we know the millions of others suffering just like her. Here's how MaryBeth and I started this program...

    MaryBeth and I met during my first business, Your Inner Addict. With YIA I was the owner as well, but known for different things. I'd published three of my best selling memoirs and short story collections of books to raise awareness about addiction. But I had yet to discover what recovery writing was all about.

    MaryBeth donated hundreds of dollars every month, on top of the books she was buying and donating to shelters. She was a pivotal part to why I am or who I am with Substance For You, being able to be here and tell the story. So, we want the voices of families of addicts to be heard loud and clear as well. Just like MaryBeth was with me. And from that point on, we had begun to change each other’s lives. 

    Pretty soon I started here, with Substance For You, and I was selling tee-shirts, eventually to bring my books back in. But, MaryBeth was in a whole different style of recovery. A recovery of codependency and grieving. Although she knows the tales of addiction and how addiction is killing so many people, she herself was not an addict. But, nonetheless the donations kept pouring in.

    “Why?” I asked Marybeth. And she said, “Because someone needs to hear this message, your message. It would’ve saved my son's life to know you!” She then further explained that she was donating the clothing to family members in recovery, but more importantly, to recovery treatment centers; just like the best one her son had ever been to and our first donation spot for this project back in May 2016.

    Now to start this program, I needed somewhere to donate to. With MaryBeth being the first of now many to donate, we chose the treatment center her son went to last. It was not only sentimental to her, but it gave a purpose to the cause. We were able to collect enough money for 20 of our 100% sober long sleeves, which were gladly accepted by ARCA treatment in North Carolina, USA. They gave away all of the new long sleeves to intake patients and some who were homeless and needed them on cold nights. They even framed one to forever show clients how they stand, 100% sober. 

    This is why I started a project to donate our recovery tees to treatment to reinforce the glamorization of recovery instead of addiction like modern society has had it. But, the vision I see with it is going to be so much bigger. The speaking tour, the thousands of more in donations we can collect now with different partnerships will be saving thousands of lives not just a few. And we need your help!"

    -In the picture below of in the stack of clothing was roughly 20 long sleeves on our first donation back in May! This program was very successful but due to other endeavors with Substance For You it got put on the back burner.

    We will donate once enough funds are collected for a bundle donation. Each time we donate we will take a photo of how much was donated and add it to the list of photos you see below for inspiration and proof that recovery is possible! Make a donation, save lives. It's that simple!

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