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Family Recoveries & Prevention Book

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Family Recoveries & Prevention Book


Miriam has come to the Substance For You site to help us raise awareness on what it's like from the outside of an addict's life, looking in. She is in family recovery, as she lost her brother to an overdose many years ago; but still in a grieving process. I don't think the grieving process will ever go away when drugs are such an issue as they are today!

But, Miriam has a unique way of coping, not by just making a book on her story of losing her brother to heroin/fentanyl overdose. The unique part is that it's full of children approved illustrations and put on a level that is good for children ages and all the way up to any age because of the thorough message it delivers in why she says #doingdrugssucks for it tore her family--and many others--apart.

Miriam speaks out loud on this issue not only on social media, or even on the Substance For You page, or even the book! She goes to treatment centers and rehabilitation centers like recent days at Footprints to Recovery to speak to parents and family of those in recent recovery and treatment, reaching stories she's collected nationally to drive her thoughts home on why illicit drugs suck. 

Not to mention her efforts at speaking with children and reading her book throughout school districts in the East! While all I have to say is, "WE NEED YOU IN THE MIDWEST TOO MIRIAM!" so please... 

Go to www.doingdrugs.sucks to see her full testimonial, blogs, press, and more after you buy the book here, now available in full on our site, shipped with our products or without. Your choice! The family recovery movement is here waiting for you. Are you ready to join it? Because you know that our stance is that recovery is for EVERYONE!

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