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Titled "Find a Mentor" is an acronym for "FAM" as you are always family here! This is a resource for betterment brought to you by Substance For You! We are currently building a roster of certified and brand trusted role models that will be available for contact.

The roster will include mentors accommodating "Multiple Pathways of Recovery" and all forms of lifestyle betterment, holistic, mind, body, and soul mindsetting, with non-discriminatory, subjective approaches.

This project is in its conception and being developed sensitively, yet, with significant power for a reliable community; remembering that you can count on us!

I am working hard and diligently to spread a message of experience and successful guidance with lifestyle processes that have worked for me, in order for you to take what works best for you upon what you see, hear, and wish to implement... and leave the rest! There is no one way, but there is one you, and a way that works for you. 

I am living proof. We do recover. Life gets better. You're worth investing in yourself. And never, ever, give up!

Recovery Date Christmas 2010. 

Xoxo, hugs, and love from Founder Brian McCollom on this very exciting announcement,

Coming soon...

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