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Insanity Paperback

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Insanity Paperback


“Insanity” is the sequel to owner and author Brian McCollom’s feature book on addiction awareness, “Illicit: Life in the Eyes of an Addict”   

This book chronicles and follows up on where ILLICIT ended at the end of our owner's addiction. It starts off right where and when ILLICIT ended but with a William S. Burroughs, "Naked Lunch" esque to it's persona. It truly shows the madness one must go through in order to gain true recovery. But, first before you gain recovery, you must endure the Insanity of post-addiction. Millions are going through this, but many don't know how to speak out. This book is for the voiceless! It's the second installment in the Brian McCollom/Substance for You/Your Inner Addict Saga, along with 2-3 more books on Chronic Pain, Recovery Pt 1 and Recovery Pt 2.

This journey takes you through the eyes of our owner, Brian McCollom, struggling with mental illness in the first few years, of early recovery. There are many issues surrounding around early recovery and not many know how to deal with it, and feel the sense of being alone. This book is a testament that my story may difference in times and places, but all of the premises are exactly the same. This book goes to prove that you are not alone in this battle.

The chief purpose of this book is to tackle the stigma around mental health, as it is titled Insanity for a purpose to hit stigma head on! By tackling the stigma we go to show that we are only people going through this battle, we haven’t lost our humanity or our minds. We must fight this together and insanity is that plea to cause. Tackling the mental health stigma, Insanity tells you, “You are not alone.”

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