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IT NEVER ENDS... (Paperback)

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IT NEVER ENDS... (Paperback)


One best seller to the next, you see why I write a book versus a blog. My books are vulgar and filled with self hatred. They are explicitly triggering and a form of healing that I go above and beyond to put myself into a shamed and bitter view, that every mirror I were to even glance at, breaks upon first sight.

But you probably wonder where EXACTLY did that come from for me?

I admit, I was a rich, white, privileged kid growing up. But even first world kids have problems too. Mine started young and only progressed. And as ILLICIT (first book in memoir series) got a follow up of short stories in THE TELL TALES OF ADDICTION. Then, IT NEVER ENDS... is INSANITY's follow up of short stories. And a hopes to finally hang up the shame and guilt for God knows why I was bullied all to hell as a child...

IT NEVER ENDS... is my (founder, Brian McCollom) story on bullying that led to me one day crying on the steps of my front porch, confessing, "Dear mama! I just wanna die!" And as the cry for attention got viewed as a suicidal threat. Maybe it was? In perpetuating a life of self medicating, mental illness breeding grounds, and a hostile environment for addiction to fester as I take a back track to why I feel ILLICIT ever became the vile book it is!


1. A Prolific Manifesto
2. Lonely Soul
3. Another her.
4. The Nosepicker
5. The Bully's Best Friend
6. All-American to All-Addict
7. Grandma's Dead
8. The Bully


I wish I could say enjoy...

Rather, I hope you learn from my mistakes!


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