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The Tell Tales of Addiction

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The Tell Tales of Addiction


One of the newest set[s] of story[ies] on our site for addiction awareness is The Tell Tales of Addiction.

As a recovering addict our owner, Brian McCollom, has suffered many forms of his own demons in trying to recover.

The new, but soul searching tales encrypted here are drawn from Brian's night terrors, alternative endings to Illicit (Amazon best seller), perspectives of his own addiction that had grow fond upon his family members, scary role reversals he would never thought to have found himself buried in in a million years!

There are stories to tie up debates on mass pharmaceuticals and conspiracy plots for years! There is even a heart felt recovery tale waiting for everyone to find their own true meaning with it at the end!

Find out more with... The Tell Tales of Addiction

Stories are:

1. Mr. Nobody
2. Gateway
3. Blind Oblivea
4. Valiant
5. In Memory Of… (Kurt Cobain tribute)
6. Stolen
7. The Relapse
8. Role Reversal
9. The Bisexuality Notebook
10. Mother (My Sober Mom and Overdosed Son Tribute)
11. Heroes
12. Predator
13. Too Far
14. A Horse of a Different Color
15. Books For Crooks

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